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Greyson Chance( Greyson Michael Chance )

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【 Hold On 'Til The Night 】【 2011-10-14 】

Album songs:
1.Waiting Outside The Lines(勇敢守候)

2.Unfriend You(刪除好友)

3.Home Is In Your Eyes(回家的渴望)

4.Hold On 'Til The Night(就在今夜)

5.Heart Like Stone(心像冰冷的石頭)

6.Little London Girl(倫敦女孩)


8.Summer Train(夏日列車)


10.Take A Look At Me Now(看看我)

11.Slipping Away(逃跑)

Album Intro:

滿分男孩 葛瑞森

* Lady Gaga師弟,全球最紅小學生,告示牌譽為百分百「天才神童」,娛樂週刊盛讚「不可思議的歌聲!」
*自彈自唱卡卡'Paparazzi'引爆YouTube四千萬次點擊 ,創作 寫歌 演唱 鋼琴 樣樣一百分!
*首波主打'Waiting Outside The Lines'蟬連全美四週冠軍

Greyson Chance 葛瑞森
Hold On 'Til The Night 就在今夜

兩次北美巡迴表演,應邀在美國白宮演唱,上遍各大脫口秀名嘴的節目,這是許多歌手終其一生夢寐以求的歌唱成就,不過,美國奧克拉荷馬州艾德蒙市的 Greyson Chance在他13歲的時候就做到了!這位全球最紅的小學六年級生要以首張專輯【Hold On 'Til The Night】跟天王、天后在排行榜上一較高下!

Greyson Chance,1997年8月16日出生於德州,目前定居奧克拉荷馬州。他自8歲起,上了三年的鋼琴課,從未有過歌唱訓練的他,2009年看了Lady Gaga在MTV音樂獎頒獎典禮上演唱'Paparazzi'的表演後,對於Lady Gaga透過鋼琴與歌聲所展現的強烈情感與戲劇張力深受震撼,隨後就在學校為六年級生所舉行的歌唱比賽中唱了這首歌。Greyson的哥哥在2010年4 月28日將Greyson在歌唱比賽的演唱放到YouTube網站上,這段影片po上網兩週後,美國熱門脫口秀節目主持人艾倫(Ellen DeGeneres)看到這段演出,對Greyson的歌聲讚嘆不已,隨即邀請Greyson在5月13日上節目開唱,Lady Gaga當天還call-in現場鼓勵Greyson;在這次演唱之後,艾倫宣佈創立eleveneleven唱片公司,Greyson Chance成為該公司的首位簽約歌手。Greyson效應持續席捲全美:「美國偶像」主持人Ryan Seacrest、瑪丹娜、影星艾希頓庫奇、華爾街紀事報、ABC與CBS兩大電視網、People雜誌、紐約郵報紛紛大力推薦,Greyson 的'Paparazzi'演唱影片衝上YouTube年度瀏覽人氣的第3名,至今累積超過4300萬人次。

2011年,Greyson Chance發行首張專輯【Hold On 'Til The Night】,專輯邀請The Matrix(*艾薇兒、傑森馬耶茲)、Billy Steinberg(*席琳狄翁)、Matt Squire(*席琳娜)等詞曲創作與製作團隊擔任製作,專輯在洛杉磯錄製,展現了Greyson的歌藝、歌曲創作與鋼琴彈奏等才藝。專輯中有描寫克服恐懼的自信力量,也有交織著甜蜜與心碎的青春愛戀,首支抒情單曲'Waiting Outside The Lines'在全美唱片銷售榜上蟬連4週冠軍,挺進告示牌熱門潛力單曲榜第12名,反擊臉書人氣紛爭的第2首單曲'Unfriend You'在YouTube累積600萬點播人次,專輯中還有輕快的流行搖滾曲'Little London Girl',真心告白的心情小品'Home Is In Your Eyes'。


When 13-year-old Greyson Chance posted a clip of himself performing Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' on YouTube in April, he never dreamed that the video would become a viral sensation viewed by more than 28 million people. The clip, shot by Greyson's dad, shows the Cheyenne Middle School sixth-grader at the piano, singing his heart out at a choir event as the female-dominated audience looks on slack-jawed with amazement.Greyson's obvious talent led to an invitation to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show just two weeks later (his first-ever plane trip), where he chatted confidently with DeGeneres, performed 'Paparazzi,' and fielded a congratulatory on-air phone call from Lady Gaga herself, who advised him to 'work really hard, be focused, and stay away from girls,' adding what had already become readily apparent: 'You've already won over everyone's hearts.' Indeed this bright-eyed, freckled-faced kid has become a star in just a few short months. During Greyson's second appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show a week later, DeGeneres announced that he was to become the first artist signed to her newly formed label eleveneleven Records, which will release his first single this fall on eleveneleven, Maverick and Geffen Records.'This is my dream and I'm living it,' Greyson says. 'I've never wanted to do anything else except write songs and perform them.' Greyson is currently in the studio working on his debut album with veteran songwriter/producer and Geffen Records chairman Ron Fair (Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls). 'I've already written a few of the songs,' Greyson says, adding that he has a few surprises up his sleeve.Spending time in a professional recording studio in Los Angeles is a long way from hanging out with his friends in his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, Greyson moved to Edmond with his family when he was four years old. His mother Lisa can't recall a time when Greyson didn't sing. 'He's always sung,' she says. 'Loud. Anywhere. We hear it all the time.' Greyson began playing the piano at age 8 and took lessons for three years. Never having taken a vocal lesson, his preternatural ability is all guided by instinct. 'He literally just listens to a song and instantly knows what he wants to do with it,' Greyson's older brother, Tanner, says. 'He just feels it.' Greyson says he knew immediately what he wanted to do with his life when he saw Lady Gaga perform 'Paparazzi' at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. 'I was awestruck by her performance,' he says. 'I love her sense of drama and theatricality, plus she's an amazing singer and piano player.' In addition to Lady Gaga, Greyson also admires Christina Aguilera, the rock band Augustana, R&B singer John Legend, singer-songwriter Elton John, and late Beatle John Lennon. 'I love artists who are able to communicate their emotions through music and sing from the heart. That's what I'm hoping to do with my songs.' Greyson is already earning kudos for his original compositions. YouTube clips of him performing 'Stars' (about a woman with cancer who reunites with her husband in heaven) and 'Broken Hearts,' have racked up more than nine million collective views. 'I want people to be able to feel what I'm feeling when I'm singing,' he says. 'That's what it's all about for me.'