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Lotus Juice


Lotus Juice


Rap詞:Lotus Juice

scoping out the place trying to get used to
get my touch back it's been a year or two
testing testing like microphone 1, 2
Y'all about to get dropped real soon
mood is real rude
vengeance is glued to my head
after y'all screwed me over
I'm about to sliced that like Excalibur
no guns I don't need'em got my fists
hard hits I'd take I persist
my soul's always up to resist against my nemesis
my foes 'til I'm deceased
just like all the greats I don't cheat
I work hard on my craft like KB
Rest in Peace
Rest in Power
I stay focused like that til it's over

yeah y'all know how I move in silence
doing what I do so defiant
all these years still vibrant
we can drop it like it's violent

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you wanna do what I do but you can't
thinking like a tyrant but you ain't
walking around like a big shot a giant
but it lasted as short as one night stand
I don't need magic it ain't no secret
I got respect
leaders lead boy
what do you expect?
cause I done did what I do in the manner of a real man
true down to earth
you think about hating but I keep giving heart
you think about killing but my love gives birth
sometimes it's truly a gift and a curse
all the jealousies yo they all wanna blurt
the nonsense but my response is my middle finger
and I know it just triggers...

yeah that's what I do man I rock them
drop them like EDM
I overwhelm them that's who I am
Just like seven stars I prevail
every night I prevail
sorry not sorry you exhale