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Dark Horse

oh sweet lord what have i done
got next to heaven so i turned to run
struck a pose as the days went by
my dirty little secret was i thought i could go back
i ran away when life started to taste so sweet
now it's gone and betrayal gets her song

now i get drunk in bars called regret and shame
comforting myself i'll never feel such warmth again
possession's a dark horse indeed
she'll lure with her charms and keep you on your knees
that flag of virtue that i did dare to wave
let it burn and spread the ashes on my grave

i don't invest too much into the afterlife
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because here on earth is where we create paradise
if you find someone to take you there
you better better better go
cuz the chance is rare
i ran away to make it easier now
let it burn
and cast the ashes on my

easier now
make it easier now
make it easier now
make it easier