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The Foreign Exchange


The Foreign Exchange

Don't Let It Be So

Hanging out uptown one night with nothing to do
Ran into an old flame, who asked about you
I said we're not together now
but she's still a friend of mine, a friend of mine

I can't forget it cuz I still regret that I let you go
A broken heart is where I'm headed
Please don't let it be so (x2)

We walked around, talked awhile, and said our goodbyes
She asked me to her place but I politely declined, no
Cuz I was missing you, and
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You're no longer a friend of mine (a friend of mine)

There's no resolution, and baby there's no substitution for you and me
I'm all alone and I ask myself
There's no more confusion, you wanna go, just say the word and I'll set you free
Why would I trade you for anyone else?

I never shoulda let you go
I let you (x2)
I let you let go babe