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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Del Reeves
Del Reeves【 共收藏 18 張專輯, 118 首歌 】
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Del Reeves With Strings and Things 英文
1.One More Round of Gin2.Puttin' in Overtime at Home
Trucker's Paradise 英文
1.Trucker's Paradise
The Del Reeves Album 英文
1.Philadelphia Fillies (1971)
2.Dozen Pairs of Boots
3.Stranger in My Place
Friends and Neighbors 英文
1.Sidewalks Of Chicago
2.If You Want Me To I'll Go
3.I'm Not Through Loving You
Big Daddy Del 英文
1.Sweet Thang And Cisco2.My Window Faces the South
Struttin' My Stuff 英文
1.Listen To My Song
2.At The Sight Of You
3.There Goes My Everything
4.I'll Go Get the Tool Box
5.Walking on New Grass
Looking at the World Through a Windshield 英文
1.Looking At The World Through The Windshield (1968)
2.There Ain't No Easy Run
3.Giddy Up Go
4.Six Days on the Road
5.Truck Drivin' Son of a Gun
Special Delivery 英文
1.Make The World Go Away
2.I Want Your Heart
3.Voyage of Ole Chris
Gettin' Any Feed for Your Chickens? 英文
1.Talking To The Wall
2.On Sunday Afternoon
3.Take Good Care of Her
Sings Girl on the Billboard 英文
1.I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
2.All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers
3.Indian Burial Ground
Doodle-Oo-Doo-Doo 英文
1.This Must Be The Bottom (1966)
2.Got a Little Bit of Heaven
3.Little Highball
4.My Half of Our Past
The Wonderful World of Del Reeves 英文
1.Woman Do Funny Things to Me
2.It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
3.You're the Happy Songs I Sing
4.Be Glad
5.A Dime at a Time
6.Take a Little Good Will Home
7.Wonderful World of Women
8.The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
9.Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
10.Alabama Bull of the Woods
11.The Belles of Southern Bell
12.Son of the South
The Little Church In The Dell 英文
The Best 英文
Six Of One Half A Dozen Of The Other 英文
1.I Woke Up
Our Way Of Life 英文
1.Crazy Arms
His Greatest Hits 英文
1.Girl on the Billboard
2.Women Do Funny Things to Me
3.The Philadelphia Fillies
4.But I Do
暫存 英文
1.Dime At A Time (1967)
2.This Must Be the Bottom
3.Philadelphia Fillies
4.Girl On The Billboard (1965)
5.Wild Blood (1968)
6.Wild Blood
7.Bells Of Southern Bell (1965)
8.King Of The Road
9.Looking at the World Through a Windshield
10.Eyes Don't Come Crying To Me
11.Belles Of The Southern Bell
12.Lover's Question
13.Lookin' at the World Through a Windshield
14.Swinging Doors
15.All Together Now
16.Race Is On
17.Lonely Christmas Call
18.Girl On The Billboard
19.On The Back Row
20.Honky Tonk Man
21.Big Daddy
22.I Would Like To See You Again
23.Bottle Let Me Down
24.Paper Bunny
25.Those Railroad Tracks In Between
26.Ole Romeo
27.Down In The Boondocks
28.We've Got Same Feelings To Do
29.Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
30.Suspicious Minds
31.Less Of Me
32.I Saw The Light
33.Her And The Car And The Mobile Home
34.Right Back Loving You Again
35.Long Black Veil
36.Let Your Love Flow
37.Baby Ride Easy
38.Older The Violin The Sweeter The Music
39.Motel Time Again
40.I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
41.I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
42.Help Me Make It Through The Night
43.Sam's Place
44.Dead And Gone
45.I Threw Away The Rose
46.I Don't Feel At Home In This House Anymore
47.Destiny's Child
48.Blame It On My Do Wrong
49.When You Are Gone
50.Stand At Your Window
51.Mexican Joe
52.Is It Really Over
53.I Know One
54.He'll Have To Go
56.Billy Bayou
57.Am I Losing You
58.According To My Heart
59.Under Your Spell Again
60.She Thinks I Still Care
61.Our Way Of Life
62.Heartaches By The Number
63.Engine Engine No.9
64.Green Green Grass Of Home

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