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De Vision【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 185 首歌 】
De / Vision是一支1988年成立的德國合成樂隊音樂團隊。樂隊由Thomas Adam,Steffen Keth,Stefan Blender和Markus Ganssert組成。 Blender於1991年離開了樂隊,Ganssert於2000年離開了樂隊。De / Vision的名字是一個關於文字的遊戲。 樂隊的大部分歌詞都是英文的,但他們有一些德語歌曲。

2000年,凱思開始了一個綠色法庭歌唱家的項目,名為“綠色法庭特色的De / Vision”。 其餘成員Keth和Adam的樂隊隨後與歐洲的Drakkar Records和Sony BMG以及北美的Dancing Ferret Discs簽約。 樂隊目前正與北美的Metropolis Records簽約。 自1994年以來,該樂隊大約每隔1.5年就發行一張新的原創專輯,直到他們的2012年專輯Rockets and Swords。
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Strange Days 英文
1.Dinner Without Grace
2.Your Hands on My Skin
3.Slum Child
4.Perfect Mind
5.Time Stands Still (Tonight)
6.The Way You Treat Me
7.To Be with You (提供)
9.The Day Before Yesterday (提供)
10.Try to Forget
11.Can Feel the Drive
12.Try to Forget (Forget-Me-Not Mix)
13.Dinner Without Grace (Pastoral Mix) (提供)
15.From Time Out of Mind (提供)
16.Free from Cares
18.At Night
19.Dress Me When I Bleed
20.Like A Sea of Flames
21.Skip this Page
22.Love Me Again
23.Moments We Shared
24.Blue Moon
26.Unversed in Love (提供)
27.Blue Moon (Limited)
28.Moments We Shared (Divided)
29.Drive (提供)
30.Blue Moon (Radio Edit)
31.Call My Name
32.Blue Moon (12' Mix) (提供)
33.Endlose Tr¤ume
34.Dress Me When I Bleed (Bloodless Mix) (提供)
35.Pseudo Fusion (提供)
36.Dawn (提供)
37.Today's Life
38.Wages of Sin (提供)
39.Sweet Life (Little Bear Mix)
40.Crystallized (提供)
41.I Regret (Lab Mix) (提供)
42.Sexy Moves
43.Scars (Jab Dub)
Void 英文
1.A Prayer
Unversed In Love 英文
1.At Night
2.Blue Moon
3.Dress Me When I Bleed
4.Free From Cares
5.Like A Sea Of Flames
6.Love Me Again
7.Moments We Shared
8.Skip This Page
Antiquity 英文
1.If We Should Ignore This
2.Into Another World
3.Lost in You
4.Melody of Your Face
5.The Gold Of The Poor
Zehn (Best of) 英文
1.Try to forget (Radio-Forg-Edit) - Radio-Forg-Edit
2.Moments we shared (Live 1998) - Live 1998
3.I regret (Live 1998) - Live 1998
4.Try to Forget (1998 Version)
World Without End 英文
1.Falling2.Perfect Mind
Two 英文
1.Silent Moan
Twisted Story 英文
1.Twisted Story (Tkach radio cut)
2.Until the End of Time (Hearher's Parship edit)
3.Plastic Heart (Tritoxin mix)
4.What's Love All About (Panda's Dream remix)
Rockets & Swords 英文
1.Boy Toy
2.Running All Night
5.Want to Believe
6.Binary Soldier
8.Brotherhood of Man
9.Beauty of Decay
11.Bedbugs (A Modern Lullaby)
Popgefahr: The Mix 英文
1.Rage (Mesh - Tantrum mix)
2.mAndroids (T.O.Y. remix)
3.What's Love All About (Unpleasantsurprise mix)
4.Time to Be Alive (Decay Inc. remix)
5.Plastic Heart (Renegade of Noise Floor remix)
6.Be a Light to Yourself (Iris mix)
7.Ready to Die (Strong Force remix)
8.Flash of Life (Intuition's Perfect Life remix)
9.Twisted Story (Rob Dust remix)
10.Until the End of Time (Until the End of mAndroids Com.pulsion remix)
Popgefahr: The Collection 英文
1.What's Love All About
2.Be a Light to Yourself (Paralyzed remix)
3.Ready to Die (Rob Dust remix)
4.Rage (album version)
5.Time to Be Alive (album version)
Popgefahr 英文
3.What's Love All About
4.Time To Be Alive
5.Plastic Heart
6.Be A Light To Yourself
7.Ready To Die
8.Flash Of Life
9.Twisted Story
10.Until The End Of Time
Monosex 英文
1.Deliver Me2.Drifter
Live (Unplugged) 英文
1.Drifter (Unplugged) (Live)
2.Lonely Day (Unplugged) (Live)
3.Self-Deception (Unplugged) (Live)
4.A Prayer (Unplugged) (Live)
5.Heart-Shaped Tumor (Unplugged) (Live)
6.We Might Be One for a Day (Unplugged) (Live)
7.Back in My Life (Unplugged) (Live)
8.Remember (Unplugged) (Live)
Fairyland? 英文
3.I Regret
4.Today's Life
Devolution 英文
1.A New Dawn
3.You Say...
Best of... 英文
1.I'm Not Dreaming of You (album cut version)
2.Sadness (I Know Sadness mix)
3.Subtronic (album version) (提供)
Best of... De/Vision 英文
1.Sadness (The Sad Death of mix)
2.Star-Crossed Lovers (In a Black Hole mix)
3.The Day's Not Done (Scopehead mix)
暫存 英文
1.Drifting Sideways
2.Miss You More
3.Take Me To The Time
4.Love Will Find A Way
5.Star-Crossed Lovers
7.I Regret (Live '98)
8.Bleed Me White
9.Like The Sun
10.Digital Dream
11.Keep Your Dreams Alive
12.Sweet Life
13.Obey Your Heart
14.I'm Not Enough
15.In Dir
16.Still Unknown
18.My Own Worst Enemy
19.Not Made Of Gold
21.The End
22.I'm Not Dreaming Of You
23.Turn Me On
24.Far Too Deep
25.No Tomorrow
26.Subtronic (提供)
27.Summer Sun
28.Life Is Suffering
29.Who Am I
30.We Fly...Tonight (Radio Mix)
31.Hear Me Calling
32.Love Will Find a Way (NOOB Version)
33.The Far Side of the Moon (Patenbrigade: Wolff remix)
34.Try to Forget (Demo-Try)
35.Until The End Of The Time (Clench remix by Toothgnasher exkl. für Sonic Seducer)
36.New Drug (live 98)
37.What I Feel
38.Flavour of the Week (extended version)
39.Starchild (Extended)
40.Beggars And Gentry
41.Don't Sound The Alarm
42.From Father To Son
43.Green-Eyed Monster
44.Searching for Sluggo
45.Someone To Draw The Sword
46.Wipe The Slate Clean
47.Your Hands on My Skin (Sonnet Shuttle mix)
48.Drowning Soul
49.Sweet Life (radio edit)
50.Ride on a Star
51.Drifting Sideways (T.O.Y.Toburger Wald mix)
52.Flavour of the Week

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