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Roy Rogers( 羅伊羅傑斯 )【 共收藏 22 張專輯, 246 首歌 】
羅伊·羅傑斯(出生於1911年11月5日 - 1998年7月6日,倫納德·富蘭克林·斯萊)是美國歌手和演員。他是當時最受歡迎的西方明星之一。被稱為“牛仔之王”,在他的許多電影和電視劇集中,他與他的妻子Dale Evans;他的金色帕洛米諾,Trigger;以及他的德國牧羊犬,Bullies一起露面 他的作品通常都有搭檔,通常是Pat Brady,Andy Devine,George“Gabby”Hayes或者Smiley Burnette。晚年,他的作品在電台播出了9年,然後在1951年的電視上播出。 羅傑斯將自己的名字借給羅伊羅傑斯餐廳的特許連鎖店。
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Roots of Our Nature 英文
1.Don't Throw Your Changes On Me
2.All I Want
3.Under The Rug (提供)
4.Requiem (提供)
5.If I Were A King
6.Ritmo De Las Almas (Rhythm Of The Souls) (提供)
7.Making New Love Out Of Old (提供)
8.Long Hard Road
9.Trinity (提供)
10.Deny and Down The Distance (提供)
11.Seven Hearts
12.Highway Bound
13.Happy Go Lucky (提供)
Centennial Collection 英文
1.Swiss Yodel (提供)
2.Hadie Brown (My Little Lady) (提供)
3.Square Dance (Bird In A Cage) (提供)
4.Dear Old Western Skies (提供)
5.One More River To Cross (提供)
6.Black Sheep Blues (提供)
7.Billy The Kid
8.Jesse James (提供)
9.Cool Water
10.That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine (提供)
11.Memories Of The Range (提供)
12.Cowboy's Night Herd Song
13.Sing, Cowboy, Sing
14.Strawberry Roan (提供)
15.Seein' Nellie Home (提供)
16.Goodbye My Lover (提供)
17.Goodbye (提供)
18.Old Paint (提供)
19.New River Train (提供)
20.When The Work's All Done This Fall (提供)
21.Night-Time In Nevada (提供)
Yodellin' Crazy 英文
1.Yodellin' Crazy (提供)
2.Red River Valley Blues (提供)
3.That's How the Yodel Was Born (提供)
4.Blue Yodel (T for Texas) (提供)
5.Lonesome Blue Yodel (提供)
6.I'm Casting My Lasso Towards the Sky (提供)
7.Yodel Boogie (提供)
8.Cattle Call (提供)
9.Yodel Your Blues Away (提供)
10.Long Gone Lonesome Blues (提供)
11.Big Rock Candy Mountain (提供)
12.Mule Skinner Blues (提供)
13.She Taught Me How to Yodel (提供)
14.A Yodelling Hobo (提供)
15.Hobo Blues (提供)
16.Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy (提供)
17.I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart (提供)
18.My Sweetheart's In Love With a Swiss Mountaineer (提供)
19.Back On the Texas Plains (提供)
20.Happy Yodellin' Man (提供)
21.Happy and Free Yodel (提供)
22.In the Jailhouse Now (提供)
23.Take Me Back to Old Montana (提供)
24.A Yodeller's Lullaby (提供)
25.Heading for Texas and Home (提供)
Split Decision 英文
1.Calm Before The Storm (提供)
2.Patron Saint Of Pain (提供)
3.Little Queen Bee (提供)
4.River Of Tears (提供)
5.Bitter Rain (提供)
6.Your Sweet Embrace (提供)
7.Someone Like You (提供)
8.Rite Of Passage (提供)
9.Requiem For A Heavyweight (提供)
10.I Would Undo Anything (提供)
11.Holy Ghost Moan (提供)
12.Walkin' The Levee (提供)
Hi Ho Silver 英文
1.There's a Roundup In the Sky (提供)
King of the Cowboys 英文
1.Rock Me to Sleep In My Saddle (提供)
2.On the Old Spanish Trail
3.Cowboy Night Herd Song
4.That Pioneer Mother of Mine (提供)
6.When I Camped Under the Stars (提供)
7.Hold That Critter Down (提供)
8.Way Out There
9.There's a Round-Up In the Sky
10.New Worried Mind
11.Echoes from the Hills (提供)
12.A Gay Ranchero (提供)
13.The Hills of Old Wyomin' (提供)
14.She Gave Her Heart to a Soldier Boy (提供)
15.Ride, Ranger, Ride (提供)
16.Listen to the Rhythm of the Range (提供)
17.Melody of the Plains (提供)
18.I've Sold My Saddle for an Old Guitar (提供)
19.One More Ride (提供)
20.Blue Shadows On the Trail (提供)
Hoppy Gene and Me 英文
1.Cowboy Heaven (提供)
2.A Very Fine Lady (提供)
3.Hoppy Gene and Me
4.Tennessee Stud
5.Happy Trails
6.Don't Cry Baby (提供)
7.Movie Trail Melody (提供)
8.Cold Cold Heart
9.Good News, Bad News (提供)
10.Don't Ever Wear It for Him (提供)
Slideways 英文
1.Avalanche (提供)
2.Smoke & Mirrors (提供)
3.Razor's Edge (提供)
4.Duckwalk (提供)
5.I'm With You (提供)
6.Talking Walls (提供)
7.Crescent Steps (提供)
8.No Destination (提供)
9.Swamp Dream (提供)
10.There Is Only You (提供)
11.Precious Moments (提供)
12.Gumbo Funk (提供)
13.For the Children (提供)
Ride Ranger Ride 英文
1.I'm an Old Cowhand
2.Medley of the Plains (提供)
3.Time Changes Everything (提供)
4.Hadie Brown (提供)
5.Don't Waste Your Love On Me (提供)
6.My Chickasay Girl (提供)
7.Chapel In the Valley (提供)
8.The Pioneer Mother of Mine (提供)
9.Blue Shadows On the Trails (提供)
10.Moonlight In the Prairie (提供)
11.There's a Roundup In the Sky (提供)
12.Hi Ho Silver
Home On The Range 英文
1.Home On The Range
2.A Little White Cross On The Hill (提供)
3.Hi-Yo Silver
4.Yellow Rose Of Texas
5.Pecos Bill
6.Dangerous Ground (提供)
7.Make-Believe Cowboy (提供)
8.When The Golden Train Comes Down (提供)
9.The Devil's Great Grandson
10.Along The Navajo Trail
11.San Fernando Valley
12.Betsy (提供)
13.Roll On, Texas Moon (提供)
14.My Heart Went That-A-Way (提供)
15.I'm Restless (提供)
16.Round That Couple, Go Through And Swing (提供)
17.Hawaiian Cowboy (提供)
18.I Can't Go On This Way (提供)
19.My Chickashay Gal (提供)
Everybody's Angel 英文
1.Molly O And Dog Boy (提供)
2.Joey (提供)
3.You Choose (提供)
4.Nothing Left To Lose (提供)
5.Here We Go (提供)
6.Mate Of Fate (提供)
7.Hello Stranger (提供)
8.Therapy (提供)
9.Amy Sky (提供)
10.Playin The Fool (提供)
11.Lover's Moon (提供)
12.Everybody's Angel (提供)
An Old Cowhand 英文
1.Times Changes Everything
2.Cowboy Night Nerd Song
3.On The Spanish Trail
Rhythm & Groove 英文
1.Vida's Place
2.My Heart's Desire
3.Call On Me
4.Built for Comfort
5.Feel My Care
6.For the Love of a Woman
7.Shakin' Hands With the Devil
8.Your Mind Is On Vacation
9.Proud Man (提供)
10.Blues for Brazil (提供)
11.Love Me or Leave Me (提供)
12.Ever Since I Lost You (提供)
13.Wrong Number (提供)
14.Remembering You (提供)
Travellin' Tracks 英文
1.I Still Can't Forget You (提供)
2.Big Jake (提供)
3.The Message (提供)
4.Mercury Blues (提供)
5.The Buffalo Cajun Mambo (提供)
6.Down in Mississippi (提供)
7.You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond (提供)
8.Jack of Diamonds/Queen of Spades (提供)
9.Hey There Grandpa (提供)
10.Move On Way from Here (提供)
11.Shake Your Moneymaker
Country Music Hall of Fame Series: Roy Rogers & The Sons of the Pioneers 英文
1.I'm Trusting You (提供)
2.Blue Bonnet Lane (提供)
3.A Man and His song (提供)
4.I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)
5.Moonlight on the Prairie (提供)
6.Don't Be Blue, Little Pal, Don't Be Blue (提供)
R & B 英文
1.So Much to Say and So Few Words (提供)
2.Ain't No Bread in the Breadbox
3.Is It Love? (提供)
4.Strange Love (提供)
5.Song for Jessica (提供)
6.Tender Heart (提供)
7.Heaven Sittin' Down
8.That's the Last Time (提供)
9.When They Talk Like That (提供)
10.You're Gone (With the Wind) (提供)
11.Too Bad When You Touch It (提供)
Blues On the Range 英文
1.Black Cat Bone (提供)
2.Crawfish City
3.Blues On the Range (提供)
4.Baby, Please Don't Go
5.You Better Run (提供)
6.Spanish Blues (提供)
7.She's Cold As Ice (提供)
8.Dreamin' At the Juke (提供)
9.Hellbound On My Trail (提供)
10.Ramblin' Blues (提供)
Slidewinder 英文
1.I Wish You Luck (提供)
2.Tip-Walk (提供)
3.Red Hot (提供)
4.Pretty Girls Everywhere (提供)
5.Cover Up (提供)
6.Comin' On Too Strong (提供)
7.Terraplane Blues
8.Gazing Out My Window (提供)
Chops Not Chaps 英文
1.32/20 Blues
2.Hot To Trot/Ready To Go (提供)
3.Guilty Of Lovin' You
4.Judgement Day (提供)
5.Devil Got My Woman (提供)
6.Feel So Blue (提供)
7.Kindhearted Woman (提供)
8.One More Time (提供)
Lore of the West 英文
1.Lore of the West (提供)
2.Happy Trails
3.That Palomino Pal o' Mine (提供)
4.Texas for Me (提供)
5.Rock Me to Sleep in My Saddle (提供)
6.The Yellow Rose of Texas (提供)
7.Home on the Range
Movie 'Hollywood Canteen' 英文
1.Don't Fence Me In
暫存 英文
1.Happy Anniversary
3.Don't Fence Me In
4.Walkin' Blues
5.Tumbling Tumbleweeds
6.You Waited Too Long
7.Stampede (Remastered)
8.Along the Navajo Trail (Remastered)
9.Along the Navajo Trail: Along The Navajo Trail

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