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Idina Menzel( 伊迪娜·曼佐 )【 共收藏 16 張專輯, 150 首歌 】
伊迪娜·曼佐(英語:Idina Menzel,1971年5月30日-),是美國女演員和歌手、也是詞曲作者。演藝生涯從百老匯音樂劇起始,成名於2005年音樂劇改編的電影《吉屋出租》。目前百老匯、電影、電視、音樂四棲活動。

1971年生於紐約市皇后區的猶太家庭,在紐約州納蘇郡塞奧西特長大,祖父母來自俄國跟東歐 ;伊迪娜為便於藝名發音將姓氏「Mentzel」改成「Menzel」。15歲父母離異後,開始在婚禮與猶太成人儀式擔任歌手維生,一路唸到紐約大學蒂施藝術學院(Tisch School of the Arts)畢業。1995年參加音樂劇《吉屋出租》試鏡獲得演出機會,正式展開演藝生涯,即入圍東尼獎最佳女配角;2003年在《女巫前傳》擔綱女主角艾法芭(Elphaba),隔年榮獲東尼獎最佳音樂劇女主角肯定。2013年的賣座動畫電影《冰雪奇緣》上映後,因為角色艾莎配音,以及在奧斯卡頒獎典禮演唱片中主題曲〈Let It Go〉而家喻戶曉。

2003年1月11日,與製作舞台劇《吉屋出租》時相識的演員泰·迪格斯(Taye Diggs)結婚,2009年9月2日產下一子,但在2013年12月分居、2014年12月3日離婚。
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Beaches(Soundtrack From The Lifetime Original Movie) 英文
1.Wind Beneath My Wings
2.I Can Hear The Music (提供)
3.I'll Stand By You (提供)
4.Last Time
5.The Glory Of Love (提供)
idina. 英文
1.Small World
2.Nothin' in This World
3.Perfect Story
6.I Do
7.Last Time
8.Show Me
9.Everybody Knows
10.Like Lightning
11.Queen of Swords
Let It Go 英文
1.Let It Go
If/Then: A New Musical 英文
1.Prologue (提供)
2.This Day/Walking by a Wedding
3.Hey Kid
4.Some Other Me
5.Best Worst Mistake
6.I Hate You
7.A Map of New York (Reprise)
8.You Learn to Live Without
9.The Moment Explodes
11.No More Wasted Time
12.What If?
13.It's a Sign
14.A Map of New York
15.You Never Know
16.Ain't No Man Manhattan
17.What the F**k?
18.Here I Go
19.You Don't Need to Love Me
20.Love While You Can
Holiday Wishes 英文
1.Do You Hear What I Hear
2.Mothers' Spiritual
3.White Christmas
4.Holly Jolly Christmas
6.Silent Night
7.When You Wish Upon A Star
8.December Prayer
9.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
10.All I Want For Christmas Is You
11.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12.Baby It's Cold Outside (duet with Michael Buble‚)
13.The Christmas Song
14.Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Live: Barefoot At The Symphony 英文
1.Defying Gravity
2.The Life of the Party
3.Love For Sale / Roxanne
4.I'm Not That Girl
5.Funny Girl / Don't Rain On My Parade
6.Asleep On The Wind
7.No Day But Today
8.Poker Face
9.Look To The Rainbow (提供)
10.Good Morning Walker / I Feel Smoochie (提供)
11.Where Or When
12.Heaven Help My Heart
13.For Good
14.The Way We Were (提供)
15.Tomorrow (提供)
wicked 英文
1.For Good
idina: live 英文
1.Small World (Live) (提供)
2.No Day But Today (Live)
3.For Good (Live)
4.I'm Not That Girl (Live) (提供)
5.Queen of Swords (Live) (提供)
6.I See You (Live) (提供)
7.Let It Go (Live) (提供)
8.I Do (Live) (提供)
9.Wind Beneath My Wings (Live) (提供)
10.Perfect Story (Live) (提供)
11.Everybody Knows (Live) (提供)
12.Defying Gravity (Live)
Still I Can't Be Still 英文
1.Minuet2.Straw Into Gold
Now That's What I Call Musicals 英文
1.Let It Go (From 'Frozen')
2.Tomorrow (From 'Annie')
3.Wicked: Defying Gravity
4.Defying Gravity
I Stand 英文
1.I Stand
2.Better To Have Loved
5.Where Do I Begin?
6.Don't Let Me Down
7.I Feel Everything
10.Perfume And Promises
Here 英文
1.Here2.Once Upon A Time
Compilation 英文
1.Just Kidding
2.Dancing Through Life
Acoustic 英文
1.I Stand (Acoustic)
2.Gorgeous (Acoustic)
3.Better to Have Loved (Acoustic)
Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 英文
1.What Is This Feeling?
2.One Short Day
3.Defying Gravity
4.For Good
5.Finale 'Wicked'
暫存 英文
1.All of the Above
2.Still I Can't Be Still
3.Heart On My Sleeve
4.Follow If You Lead
5.Damsel In Distress
6.Fool Out of Me
8.If I Told You
9.So Beautiful
10.Think Too Much
11.Planet Z
12.A Hero Comes Home
13.Larissa's Lagoon
15.Thank You (提供)
16.Let It Go (English Version)
17.Let It Go - From 'Frozen'/Soundtrack Version
18.I See You
19.Let It Go [Mix Cut] - Armin van Buuren Remix
20.Let It Go (Frozen)
21.No Good Deed
22.I'm Not That Girl - From 'Wicked' Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003
23.No Good Deed - From 'Wicked' Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003
24.As Long As You're Mine
25.Defying Gravity (Tracy Young's Flying Monkey club mix)
26.Gorgeous (Scotty K vocal club)
27.Defying Gravity (Tracy Young's Flying Monkey's Club Mix)
28.Let It Go (Armin van Buuren remix)
29.Let It Go - Dave Aude Club Remix
30.Let It Go (From 'Frozen'/Armin van Buuren Remix)
31.Baby It's Cold Outside (duet with Michael Bublé)
32.Always Starting Over
33.What If? (Reprise)
34.Heaven Help My Heart (Live)
35.A Hero Comes Home [End Credits Version]
37.Defying Gravity - Funky Juction & Antony Reale Radio Edit
38.Ring in the Season (Reprise)
40.Defying Gravity - Eddie Baez Club
41.As Long As You're Mine - From 'Wicked' Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003
42.As Long As You're Mine - Original Cast Recording/2003

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