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賈思樂( Louie Castro )



【 Louie & May 】【 英文 】【 1976 】

1.Run, Joey Run(Louie Castro‧May Cheng)

2.Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song(Louie Castro)

3.Daddy's Home(Louie Castro)

4.The Proud One(Louie Castro‧May Cheng)

5.Stop, Look, Listen(To Your Heart)(Louie Castro‧May Cheng)

6.Love(May Cheng)

7.Hey Paula(Louie Castro‧May Cheng)

8.Love Said Goodbye(May Cheng)

9.Morning Side Of The Mountain(Louie Castro‧May Cheng)

10.Don't Tell Me Goodnight(Louie Castro)

11.Only Yesterday(May Cheng)

12.I Won't Last A Day Without You(May Cheng)


歌手 : 賈思樂 Louie Castro‧鄭寶雯 May Cheng
類型 : 歐西流行歌曲
唱片/鐳射唱片專輯名稱 : 《Louie & May》
唱片公司及編號 : EMI (Columbia) Records - S-33ESX-232/Universal Music (環球唱片) - 602488606530
唱片出版年份 : 1976/2017
曲目及歌詞 : (如下)

1) Run, Joey Run (Louie Castro‧May Cheng)
2) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (Louie Castro)
3) Daddy's Home (Louie Castro)
4) The Proud One (Louie Castro‧May Cheng)
5) Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) (Louie Castro‧May Cheng)
6) Love (May Cheng)
7) Hey Paula (Louie Castro‧May Cheng)
8) Love Said Goodbye (May Cheng)
9) Morning Side Of The Mountain (Louie Castro‧May Cheng)
10) Don't Tell Me Goodnight (Louie Castro)
11) Only Yesterday (May Cheng)
12) I Won't Last A Day Without You (May Cheng)