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1 8.Pray(Extended)[feat.Jeremiah Bligen] n I'm the killah priest album I heard when I was17 My me
2 2.Citrin Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods2.Citrin
3 3.Gods of E.Din Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods3.Gods of
4 9.L.Gigi(People of the Land of Nod) Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods9.L.Gigi(People of the Land of Nod)[Verse1: ... f the Land of Nod)[Verse1:Killah Priest] Sumerian Gods Sumerian Gods was Anu Enki and Enlil Abraham Ishmael Issac. Israel Sun moon and star man and woman embryo Inha ... ard shows the Avatar Meet the priest named(Drakkar?)[?] Told me focus on the inner-Lotus notice the petals Voice sounded kinda Polish enemy roses This old Devil I ... d me I should save you[Outro: Killah(
5 10.Earth to Walter Reed Come in Please Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods10.Earth to Walter Reed Come in Please[Verse1: ... eed Come in Please[Verse1:Killah Priest][?]contact Not found on the Map There's sings of life here Water in gaps This place is light years But still is intact Ya'll ... e many more shall come[Hook1: Killah Priest] Come up to the Cosmos Enter into the divine abode Reconnect the codes[?][the echoes?] From the darkest night The Blackest Su ... The house is the soul[Ve

6 14.Color of Ideas Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods14.Color of Ideas[Verse1: ... >14.Color of Ideas[Verse1:Killah Priest] Ancient worlds with airplanes scientists can't explain Shadow pharaohs travel aboard portal trains Through wormholes abode w ... worlds that God rose[Verse2: Killah Priest] The imagination has a bridge to fascination to which we live In Genesis take a pilgrimage to the wilderness Stop searching f ... now is now uncovered[Verse3: Killah (|
7 15.Quantum Spirit of Creation Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods15.Quantum Spirit of Creation[ ... uantum Spirit of Creation[Killah Priest] My millennium years is in the h
8 16.Alien Stars Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods16.Alien Stars[Verse1: ... 16.Alien Stars[Verse1:Killah Priest] Priest the magnificent poet I walk inside a Hindu Temple Tripping while I fall and transform Into a trail of lotus Then disappear li ... ce No weapon is formed[Break: Killah Priest] Kings die God's live on Planet we on[Verse2: ... live on Planet we on[Verse2: Killah Priest] So don't contest who's the best lyricist When you rhyme
9 18.Body of Light Killah Priest-Planet of the Gods18.Body of Light[ ... Gods18.Body of Light[Killah Priest] Rhymes compressed in the complex conscious Context concepts its contents Here to comet come pest conquest is accomplished On ... heaven fell from the spheres Priest the legend would appear With Angelical weapons in his gear Like war-hammer helmets with deer antlers On the throne with pair ... e turn to the pillars of salt Killah's a force revealing the
10 1.2000 B.C. Canibus)+(Killah Priest) It's been a long time I shouldn't have left you(should have never left you) Without a strong rhyme to step to I told y'all(C ... on(Hold on) Hold on!(Verse2: Killah Priest) Thieves in the temple a priest murdered at the doorstep He hear
11 5.Daily News Ghostface Killah-Twelve Reasons to Die II5.Daily News[Verse] Daily news reporting a massacre Crime fam against fam Streets is a war zo ... faces of death Ayo Wigs tell priest how they murdered the res
12 5.Bronze Horses Canibus] Killah Priest Canibus obstacle courses for HRSMN Dismount then engage multiple targets Shoulder to shoulder face to face we're Saruman's so ... 00 degrees I drop to my knees Priest told me to breathe the time signature freeze I am now at peace the ocean conveyer belt flows to the east The new Silk Road wi ... t up like lamb I'm a horseman Priest a horseman We the Horsemen The clan graze like goats off the land Expand then we chop it up like lamb I'm a horseman
13 1.Musifixtion Killah Priest-Breathe1.Musifixtion[IntrKillah Priest]{*dogs barking*} Priesthood It's time to ride on y'all A cat named ... to ride on y'all A cat named Priest yo[Killah Priest] They say it comes like a thief in the night Some say you see fire when he breathes on the mic The legend has it his neck and ... the time the twisted mind of Priest White wolves leap out the woods Bite at the hooves of all the horses Return like Christ in
14 3.When I'm Writing Killah Priest-Breathe3.When I'm Writing[Intro ... >3.When I'm Writing[Intro Killah Priest] I just zone out When I'm Writing Yo[ ... zone out When I'm Writing Yo[Killah Priest] The weed is lit It's given like an Indian gift Passed around in a cipher'til the bitches need pullin' tighter Put out the fi ... is When I'm Writing[Hook x2: Killah Priest] When I'm Writing Flows go through me right into my pen When I'm Writing It's the artist
15 1.Devotion to the Saints Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed1.Devotion to the Saints[kung fu sample] Hehehe... you know I guessed it You would be ... two swordsmen first[Ghostface Killah] Whatchu know about steppin' out the crib like it's20 thousand And all fives dust still in the fridge Either or yo I rock lik ... er Rollie or Deck got it roxy[Killah Priest] My rap is like a holy drug cart
16 3.The Winged People Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed
17 5.The Spell Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed5.The Spell The candle burns next to a silver bowl above that a portrait of a killer ... f a killer known of only as a priest ceremony ceased tabernacle released700 jackals loose in the streets The ashes of his enemies blow under his feet Thunder and ... e said Ouija board spells out PRIEST OF WAR you'll be eaten by my swo
18 6.Super God Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed6.Super God I'll save you.( ... .Super God I'll save you.(Priest help us!) Here I come to save the Rap-World(Super God Super God) Up-up and away down-down here we go…(Super God Super God) Su ... uper God Super God) Super God PriestHood!!!! From off the planet of a million years Standing on a beginning point I'm forever bursting into a billion spheres In a ... llest!)(Yo we the Super Gods)(Priest) Yes…(Te
19 8.Shadow Landz Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed8.Shadow Landz My pen's the goggle lens rap is ATVs Hopping over sand dunes of man's ... the tree of life diagram see Priest's anatomy From the medieval family Called the Maccabeez I grew up left the Abbotcy Now they call me'Your Majesty' Don't be ma ... The Sefer Yetzirah cards said Priest is a God Go ahead read them all
20 13.The Pwowr(Problem Solver) Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed13.The Pwowr(Problem Solver) Light the incense it gets intense About to invent senten ... the streets Psychology of the Priest Deep as the philosophy of the Gr

21 16.Brilliantaire Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed16.Brilliantaire[Alan Watts] An Alternative Myth If there is any such thing at all as ... you found it in other people.[Killah Priest] Sitting in my chair then the vision appear Starring at the wall the wall turned into the spheres And the spheres held the pl ... I reveal under the cloth when Killah would talk Swimming in the cosmi
22 23.They Say Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed23.They Say ... alter Reed23.They Say priest the honorable. pen upon his sheet release his chronicles. frames for the day be phenomenal. his article reads astronomical. g ... new regime. salute his team. priesthood the realest nigga. the realest brother. the illest slain. he spits flame say his name. thas on everything.) x2 shoot ins ... eve in spaceships hes buggin. priest talks about the comet comin
23 26.Currents of Event Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed
24 27.Listen to Me Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed27.Listen to Me[ ... r Reed27.Listen to Me[Killah Priest] I light my candles under Saint Anthony Burning rosemary for friends and family for those buried For all humanity and soul's ... isten to me just listen to me[Killah Priest] Light up a cigar let the aroma reach up It's like the smile on the Mona Lisa Holding a child that rose on Easter Like a clou ... ll-hole as the souls go(Hook)[Killah(
25 28.Fire Stone Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed28.Fire Stone[Intro ... ed28.Fire Stone[Intro Killah Priest] Yeah it's Killah Priest right here The RZA You gotta go in on'em youknowhatimean It's been a long time a long time coming play games with him yo It's ... o It's going on I'mma go ight[Killah Priest] I spit dope a triple mean mixed with Listerine in my sixteen Kill rappers pon contact rap combat I drop lyrical bombs at my ...
26 31.Energy Work Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed31.Energy Work[Intro ... d31.Energy Work[Intro Killah Priest] Yeah Wu-Tang I feel great right now youknowhatimean This is it The Psychic World of Walter Reed Yo RZA just let them know so ... s the pain After the sunshine[Killah Priest] Okay a hundred and eight celestial stems stretch out my terrestrial limbs Master the puzzle within identify the coherent Com ... from the sacred intelligence Pr
27 38.Wubian Nation Killah Priest-The Psychic World of Walter Reed38.Wubian Nation[ ... Reed38.Wubian Nation[Killah Priest] Yo I move like a UFO ship a smooth prince The eloquent stance intelligent man while shooting Rhyme from the Byzantine face w ... tive chased from higher world Priest move through FBI states with white girls There's no dies or pain sedate the culture like the Europeans Two hundred grams of m ... tell in the hood will bury ya Priest sniff out
28 8.Drivin Round Ghostface Killah-Wu-Block8.Drivin Round[Featuring Masta Killa GZA& Erykah Badu][Verse1:Sheek Louch] Out the window with that Range or ... m but you don't know who that priest been touching Liquour stores strip clubs filthy whores Somebody daughter getting ten singles to drop her drawers Crack fiends ... drivin''round)[Verse2: Mastah Killah] Look I'm fresh back from out of
29 18.Wu Crime A Genius& Killah Priest[GZA] Yo there's a rumor that an inmate heard* Salesman hiring a convict of murder Bodyguard who used to do physical fitness H ... for fronting with fake niggas[Killah Priest:] Aiyo Saladin vivid Wall Street sixteen Muslims kufis uzi's the Wu is supreme Ferociously I rank general a world's above sel ... r niggas is Dracula Rap tours Priest the hood ambassador Passion for
30 11.The Ghost Of Hip Hops Past t compete Killah Priest spit'Heavy Mental' before'Heavy
31 2.Purified Thoughts Ghostface Killah-Apollo Kids2.Purified Thoughts[**feat. ... Purified Thoughts[**feat. Killah Priest GZA]'Am I a good man?...'*[Ghostface ... I a good man?...'*[Ghostface Killah:] Take my hands out my pockets you can see my thumbs Both of them turned green from countin the ones Memorized by the glory w ... now)'Am I a fool?'(We'll see)[Killah Priest:] The Lord takes me gathering sp
32 7.Post Traumatic Warlab Stress tole from Killah Priest too his name rhymes with Clue I
33 13.Beat Butcha Get'Em beam? Ask Killah Priest He gon' tell you that your soul
34 5.No Game Around Here to match[Killah Priest] The Devil's diary I left fingerprints on the prince TheJoker laughing Two-Faces and walk with a limp My holster under my arm ... e of a peasant touch my heart Priest see white bodies in the dark soo
35 1.Intro Killah Priest-Elizabeth1.Intro[Killah Priest] The Great Rebellion Saint Helena Van Halen* Inhaling continents maybe fatal to angels halos Great clothes? akros? peck death ... the can upside down and spray Priest is on his way From Down syndrome to grabbin' the crown to ascend it to thrones To clowns ascended from stones remove the smal ... om the spray nozzle and write'Priest- the Praised Apostle' Runnin' clock words outside and circle nine times Sit
36 2.Sword Clan Killah Priest-Elizabeth2.Sword Clan[Killah Priest] The path of peace theJedi saga continues* Gangsta ganja and criminals he drinks his white tea Ethylene brain chemicals and o ... seven hundred angles from the Priest I'm the life maker the life take
37 3.To Be King Killah Priest-Elizabeth3.To Be King[Killah Priest] Alien abduction crack pipe seduction* His weed lip proceed to see shit for tellin' what's coming Malachi York talk see Pale ... d of mouth his teks the story[Killah Priest:] My bars artery bleeds photography See the artistry in galleries of galaxies and odyssey Unroll the scrolls of dark propheci ... g crimes that shift the globe Priest the fallen rise his Book ofJob They said toxins finally to
38 4.The7 Crowns Of God Killah Priest-Elizabeth4.The7 Crowns Of God[ ... h4.The7 Crowns Of God[Killah Priest] Escorted to my torment my pen opened up the coffin* It's horrid it's quiet awkward let's walk with Walter Forward see me try ... mes Day& night I write rhymes[Killah Priest:] I'm chasin' destiny past my future It's therapy telepathy Look at my face see a ruler One day ridin' my scooter The wheels ... ou are mine[Repeat Hook:(2x)][Killah Priest:]
39 5.Drama Killah Priest-Elizabeth5.Drama[Killah Priest] The journey peninsula states of a cruel emperor* Pay ya tax or axes from the Knight Templar The Anglo-Saxon of rapping for m ... art shooting but I'm a quasar Priest is smarter if we kill'em he'll just be a martyr My leg kneel better take words aligning my chakras Tried to get me like Micha ... s drama[echo] From the2-0-0-1 Priest
40 6.Trapped Killah Priest-Elizabeth6.Trapped To laugh to cry... To have lived once and have died* A thousand times inside of gallons of wine To ... right here To you needing the Priest Preacher pastor or prophet or pi
41 7.Dead Killah Priest-Elizabeth7.Dead[Killah Priest] Killers with assault rifles street occult rivals* One clique called'The Hogs' other's called'Disciples' Animosity flavour th ... s& beer soon as shorty appear[Killah Priest:] You see cat name'Big Shoe' kept a nine off the safety While watching the news about these two dudes he knew Black and Scott ... grabbed the Uzi[Repeat Hook:][Killah Priest:] The nigga Conan knocked out a
42 8.I Killah Priest-Elizabeth8.I[Killah Priest] My crown of glory you rappers y'all bore me* Seven billion stories angels kneel before me I build it for majority seniority ... healer Hopes life is well the Killah My raps come out of a shell The pen hits my mind click Tongue led off hot nails CrucifixJudas' pix you wanted to flow The lif ... d poems Take off these chains Priest speaks700 names No one is the sa
43 9.Rise Killah Priest-Elizabeth9.Rise[Killah Priest] My rhyme pen and king recognition dominion over false kindred's* The talk of women brought from the star system Dynamic emer ... llars Under his feet the word'Killah' So print this out of ya data zonPriest returns home battle-zone nigga! Surrounded by a sculpture of women Antisocial when I wrote this rhythm The vultures got in th ... they call me water-head It's Priest again y'all Walter's dead Nah i
44 10.How Much Killah Priest-Elizabeth10.How Much[Killah Priest] Providence of the bad guys Mob bosses* The street gangsters let the corpse fly Over the corpse cover with flies Minister bri ... r I'm just tellin' you yo Yo![Killah Priest:] Digital thugs in hieroglyphica
45 12.Murdah Murdah At Dawm Killah Priest-Elizabeth12.Murdah Murdah At Dawm[ ... >12.Murdah Murdah At Dawm[Killah Priest{*talking*}] Whaddup Woool?* Yeah they don't know nuttin bout this war shit It's ... uttin bout this war shit It's Priest nigga! Woool whaddup?[Killah Priest:] Test'em tear drops violent times of war Hell or love? Bones crush silently Flesh pierced from swords Heads roll over rose p ... ow that the gods always build[Killah Priest:] Posted

46 13.Let Us Pray Killah Priest-Elizabeth13.Let Us Pray[Killah Priest] At night the sky form over my hood like a kufi* I'm carving letters all of'em my Uzi Bitch with the fat booty nameJudyJust l ... pray Let us pray Let us pray[Killah Priest:] Now move out the way let the saints pass Seen the picture on the cylinder The temple with stained glass Till the enemy's ur ... fter they sniff[Repeat Hook:][Killah Priest:] Gang related slang debated nic
47 14.Diagnose Killah Priest-Elizabeth14.Diagnose[Killah Priest] My pen's compulsive obsessive*
48 15.What U Want(Huh) Killah Priest-Elizabeth15.What U Want(Huh)[Hook(4x)] So what u want huh?* So what they want huh?[ ... huh?* So what they want huh?[Killah Priest] The bullet or the bribe cartels bomb shells Cocktails with wine poison choices under the sky Fireworks dye in the dirt crime ... ll I finish the line[Hook x2][Killah Priest:] Organized crime are murdering cops Shark attorney eat kids swerving on blocks Burial plots machine gun shots Supreme got kn ... c blo
49 16.Color Of Murder(Old Castle Hop) Killah Priest-Elizabeth16.Color Of Murder(Old Castle Hop){Sample} Elizabeth didn't confine her particular brand of domestic discipl ... olor do you see when you die?[Killah Priest:] This one's called theJudas cradle Operating table chop the navel It's very painful First take off his white angel The compl ... taste blood[Repeat Hook(2x):][Killah Priest:] Water torture; turn my back here comes Walter Blood slaughter drip drip drip Till it's like a bould
50 17.Jacob Never Died Killah Priest-Elizabeth17.Jacob Never Died[ ... th17.Jacob Never Died[Killah Priest] From being led thru the desert naked and desperate for water* The Lord is my Sheppard destined for order But we are his shee ... is what the artists had felt[Killah Priest:] Solomon dies his kingdom splits One tribe take to the sea in ships The other say near Egypt occupy the land Till their gran ... n their beats Where the Roman Priest held his cross l
51 18.The Confession Booth Killah Priest-Elizabeth18.The Confession Booth[ ... r>18.The Confession Booth[Killah Priest] I split atoms crack codes took rap to a plateau* Did everything with words but never got the plaque yo Big Pun won best'Rap ... ction my introduction it's on[Killah Priest:] I signed to Geffen my girl got pregnant My mind's the weapon designed as a message Implemented my life lessons What sparked ... beats up now the Sunz of Man[Killah Priest
52 19.Be Careful Killah Priest-Elizabeth19.Be Careful[Killah Priest] Insane my bad brain's insanity* Damage me how can this be? Bronchitis the itis and sinus Take out the tongue Rubber gloves a ... out in the third eye Feel me?[Killah Priest:] We follow drug dealers asJesus Look at the prophet like a Caesar Dresses miracle preferable leaders Or a gun handlers Numbe ... it fly shit[Repeat Hook(2x):][Killah Priest:] A gangster glory bed full of benjamins hav
53 20.Truth Killah Priest-Elizabeth20.Truth[Killah Priest] My life's a great witness to bitches and physics and mystics* Not to seem superstitious or too religious Over great vengeanc ... ya radio Turn off everything[Killah Priest:] Power the crime; I fall seven-thousand times Haters doubted from behind angels shouted when I rise Cause I'm suppose to shi ... r fly caterpillar The math of Killah from a stomach half butterflies
54 21.Street Matrix Killah Priest-Elizabeth21.Street MatrixKillah Priest] In the galaxy there's a cube the cube is the net* The net is the streets where killers log on to connect Neurotransmitters d ... paceship In the street matrix[Killah Priest:] Alkaline thugs blasting at ami
55 22.Real Rap Shit Killah Priest-Elizabeth22.Real Rap ShitKillah Priest] The Priest writes like Shakespeare on dope tryptamine* Acid tablets unfocus when I wrote this sixteen The savage graphics display his ma ... That real rap that real shit[Killah Priest:] It's like Demerol write rhymes my skin will crawl Light's dim sweat roll from my chin will fall A sweat pool of jewels Work ... ild world Curious kid mind of Priest Mysterious rhymes increase Pyramids d
56 23.Assignment Killah Priest-Elizabeth23.Assignment[Killah Priest]Jesús angels Queen of Wands in t
57 24.The God Within Killah Priest-Elizabeth24.The God WithinKillah Priest] When I write I take the day* Pu
58 25.Crop Circles Killah Priest-Elizabeth25.Crop Circles[** iTunes Bonus Track][ ... es[** iTunes Bonus Track][Killah Priest] The Democrats never came to my
59 26.The Great Seal Killah Priest-Elizabeth26.The Great Seal[** iTunes Bonus Track][ ... al[** iTunes Bonus Track][Killah Priest] The dirt colored clouds spread wide across the skies* Over mouths that lie And hover heads of evil thoughts dead birds fly M ... e Arabs Maybe in Aspen pseudo Priest gon' hiding After info providing
60 1.Train Trussle Ghostface Killah:]Just jewels no crew heavy my inside pants lay Come packing like two machetes one ratchet Two clubs and a mask jumping out a ... s splattered brain Ever since Killah Priest was ordained I'm bringing back t
61 2.God Is Love Chorus2X][Killah Priest] Hurses past us demos cast in st
62 13.ServeJustice Featuring Killah Priest Rasul Allah& Richard Raw][talking Rasul Allah] Lost Children of Babylon(You'll burn if we shoot ya) Sunz of Man the ... we shoot ya) Sunz of Man the Killah Priest Maccabeez Wu-Tang[Rasul Allah:] I was consumed by the eternal flames of the sacred fire Out of war with Mazda within the temp ... yeh Where I met four Samarian Priests The Killah Priest from the Middle East That deciphered Cuneiform from the walls of Chaldea And was g
63 7.4th Chamber ghostface killah The only man i hold wake for Is the sky-blue bally kid in eighty-three rocked taylor's My memorex performed tape decks my own ... ck suede wiley don Verse two: killah priest I judge wisely as if nothin ever
64 1.I Believe Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass1.I Believe'In a matter of a moment lost till the end of time It's the evening of another day ... k Listen how I flow on tracks Priest when opposed to rap The devil be
65 2.4 Tomorrow Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass2.4
66 3.A Crying Heart Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass3.A Crying Heart Yeah yeah my name is ... eart Yeah yeah my name is Priest You know what it is man Here me out there world What you got on this man? Big time we gotta get it What's over there? I go it ... ver there? I go it Lock that! Priesthood knaw'mean? It's real son it'
67 4.Hood Nursery Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass4.Hood Nursery You cheated Hood Nurseries You cheated I ain't playing with you no more Can't ... a toe tag Hood Nurseries Let Priest tell it Hood Nurseries No you it
68 5.Redemption Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass5.Re
69 6.Profits Of Man Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass6.Profits Of Man Even Kings die thrones rust Skeleton bones turn to dust Memories are blown i ... en that lately that's why the Priest been falling back'Cause when the Revolution start All those cliques that fall apart will soon be the devil's mark And none th ... have a heart The letter from Priest my freedom of speech Y'all read'em and weep The demons that keep you from the path just laugh That's my ink pads looks like S .
70 7.The World Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass7.The World What we're living in What we use to The whole damn world What we're living in Wha ... ing along children Sing along Priest!(Now there's Cain) Who killed Ab
71 8.Vintage(Things We Share) Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass8.Vintage(Things We Share) One more time uh yeah Magnetic uh ... more time uh yeah Magnetic uh Priesthood Godz Wrath(Behind the Staine
72 9.Looking Glass Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass9.Lo
73 10.I Am Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass10.I
74 11.The Beloved(The Messenger) Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass11.The Beloved(The Messenger) Peace Almighty I'm gracious Most benevolent speaker The beloved ... for me spray Uzi's Excuse me Priest? Priest can I talk to you for a minute?
75 12.Jeshurun Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass12.J
76 13.God's Time Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass13.G
77 14.Born To Die Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass14.B
78 15.O Emmanuel(Zoom) Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass15.O
79 16.The End Is Comming(Bonus) Killah Priest-Behind The Stained Glass16.T
80 1.Black August Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering1.Black August[Intro ... g1.Black August[Intro Killah Priest] Yeah Black August Priesthood Wanna know how I got here? How it all came to be? My beginning? yo[ ... came to be? My beginning? yo[Killah Priest] A dark December eve my mother conceive a species Some sorta rare breed believed to be of gods seed With royal blood flowing ... rmous in her organs[Chorus2x: Killah Pr
81 2.Stained Glass2 Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering2.Stained Glass2( ... ering2.Stained Glass2(Priest talking) Yeah Stained Glass windows coming soon Behind the Stained Glass ... soon Behind the Stained Glass Priesthood(Sample of The Game) Bandana on the right side; gun on the left side Bandana on the right Bandana on the right Bandana on ... ht side; gun on the left side[Killah Priest] There's nightmares of me falling through coffins We
82 4.Hood Nursery Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering4.Hood Nursery( ... ffering4.Hood Nursery(Priest as kids) You cheated Hood Nurseries You cheated I ain't playing with you no more Can't run that far What you mean you can't r ... zzing Ok let me count It goes[Killah Priest] It goes eeny meeny miny moe Catch a dealer with his blow If he squeals we let'em go Tax his silly penny blow Niggas spics gr ... ney and then we're free(Hook) Priest Ho
83 6.The Rain Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering6.The Rain[Intro ... ering6.The Rain[Intro Killah Priest] Uh y'all remember? nahmean? Everythin' strugglin' comin' up That's why I'm writin' to myself right now[Hook x2: ... to myself right now[Hook x2: Killah Priest] Gotta make this come up man Get that dough do these shows Up late in studios Tell all these groupies no not right now gotta ... pend the night with strangers[Killah
84 8.Behind The Stained Glass Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering8.Behind The Stained Glass[Intro ... d The Stained Glass[Intro Killah Priest]?Behind the Stained Glass? You see the album cover Look behind the picture There?s something behind the picture The stained g ... the picture The stained glass[Killah Priest] Let?s go beyond the spectrum of light To a thought to a line to my breath on the mic That?s the cost of the rhyme I start fr ... dly poems spre
85 10.The Abyssinian Sword Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering10.The Abyssinian Sword[Intro ... he Abyssinian Sword[Intro Killah Priest] Yea niggaz its Priesthood back up in this motha'fucka bitch Yea niggaz tear niggaz down+The Offering+ is comin' soon Yo the next beat yo[ ... min' soon Yo the next beat yo[Killah Priest] I sit back watchin' The Discovery Channel on Hannibal Wonderin' if it's sortin' Elephant intangible ... s sortin' Elephant int
86 11.Give It More Unreleased Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering11.Give It More Unreleased VERSE1 CANIBUS I got this beat from Riggs yeah I ... aw get up give it more VERSE2 KILLAH PRIEST It's the byzantine king supreme all kneel kiss the ring Into a ilohean I blow steam from the families of the mackabees Smack ... hesitated Scream the name out KILLAH PRIEST I leave the blood spilling in th
87 12.Stained Glass1 Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering12.Stained Glass1 Uh-eh-eh-eh Yeah yeah yeah Uh it's like life uh uh[ ... yeah Uh it's like life uh uh[Killah Priest] A penny for your wishes; a dollar for your thoughts A century in their prison if you blow trial in court You know the hustle ... me My lives far from a movie Priest the Stained Glass medallion from yours truly I'd been in every part of Brooklyn I know all the gods; all the stars; all t
88 13.Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering13.Wolf In Sheeps Clothing[Shanghai the Messenger] Some of dem are wolf in s ... em are wolf in sheep clothing[Killah Priest] Shock waves... Now after survivin brothers connive and some smoke the lie Sendin vibes like they shocks I recognize Then ins ... and liberation for ya nations Killah Priest keeps it deep plus the slogan Wolf in sheep clothing[Chorus2X: Shanghai the Messenger] Some of dem ar
89 15.The Letter12 And3 Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering15.The Letter12 And3[ ... g15.The Letter12 And3[Killah Priest] Beautifully displays of art Priest the playing turf for plankton Embrace pens and engrave my mark My symbols the owl the virgin with child The golden crown will ... he mic can taste my cold spit Priest I hold it down a letter nigga It's the Letter[ ... letter nigga It's the Letter[Killah Priest] Yo fuck Bush we ins
90 17.Uprising Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering17.Uprising( ... e Offering17.Uprising(Priest talking) Yea I'm gonna come back and do that watch Huh what sup here we go man I draw deep rhymes in hieroglyphics In tribal ... o down before I see the gates Priest the General crown with the five emeralds Byzantineal side with the criminals livest interviews( ... e criminals livest interviews(Priest talking) Yea nigga pass the crown around nigga P
91 18.Things We Share Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering18.Things We Share[ ... ing18.Things We Share[Killah Priest] I burped upon my mothers skirt threw up it church Lift my little head looked around the room that alert At first I seen two ... n and start searching[Chorus: Killah Priest] My ancestors brought from Africa on the slave ships Now return in the air with first class trips Passenger six window seat r ... life We share that same lif
92 19.On The Way To The Top Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering19.On The Way To The Top[Intro ... The Way To The Top[Intro Killah Priest](Cyrus) Yo yeah good looking Cyrus Son give it right to papyrus Niggas put ink on paper(yea) But ... gas put ink on paper(yea) But Priest is more like putting paint on canvas Take it for granted niggas y'all niggas want it? Real shit?(yeah)[ ... gas want it? Real shit?(yeah)[Killah Priest] The planets small like
93 20.Get Lifted Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering20.Get Lifted[ ... Offering20.Get Lifted[Killah Priest] Razah what up? My pad's an art gallery of harsh reality Pictures of niggaz within the scriptures with the same style as me C ... s me Christ had his disciples Priest has his posse But did they swing box cutters in gutters and blow trees in lobby's? Nah theres for Bethlehem puff the wild iri ... represent the struggle sayin Priest we
94 21.Bread Of Life Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering21.Bread Of Life Intro Cappadonna This is the bread of life man The bread of ... na stand and fight X3 Verse3: Killah Priest As the full moon follow my passa
95 22.The Fall Of Solomon Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering22.The Fall Of Solomon[Intro ... The Fall Of Solomon[Intro Killah Priest] What up Priest? What up cat? Since you're one of the dopest MC's that I ever heard I want you to kick the story Yeah I got one already.. The ... dopest story I heard check it[Killah Priest] Thieves in the temple a priest murdered at the doorstep He heard the hounds of horses surround his fortress Look down t
96 23.5 Boroughs Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering23.5 Boroughs[I-Born] Yo yo brand new KRS y'all Maximum Strength5 Boroughs o ... bitch?? the rainbow?????????[Killah Priest] SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Yo hit
97 24.Stand Still Killah Priest-The Best Of And A Prelude To The Offering24.Stand Still[Blood Sport] I see you modified your gangsta after seeing me ... l and watch the world blow up[Priest]'Cause I can stand still and wat
98 14.HRSMN Talk [** feat. Killah Priest Kurupt and Ras Kass]{*horses galloping and neighing}[Intro:~ ... alloping and neighing}[Intro:~Killah Priest~] Yea mothafuckas*[Chorus:~Killah Priest~] This is'Horsemen Talk' Horsemen walk Get the fuck out the way before The Horsemen stalk We headless mothafuckas and we lace ... n you wind up smoked?[Verse1:~Killah Priest~] I spit volcanoes twist heads spit lead Then boast like the angels the scorpion tongue Come close I'm
99 10.Black Angels at. Cynic Killah Priest Scratch)[Killah Priest] Yo I react like an American par
100 12.Tony Sigel(A.k.a. Barrel Bros.) Ghostface Killah-Ghostdeini The Great12.Tony Sigel(A.k.a. Barrel Bros.)[Ghostface ... . Barrel Bros.)[Ghostface Killah- Verse1] Yo straight out the ghetto I'm damn hood I stack a dollar like a whole rack of canned goods Baggy jeans no chimps AC ... and the wop The next coroner priests don't have enough cups for us To slow us up they hit us with dusk Then they rush-bust my man Big Ron will break the cuffs300 ... the Broadstreet Bully and the Killah with no F

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