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From Birth To The Present


He dreams, in the smog, of the old time when the Internet was romantic and immature
she works, with her close-up look at the reality, she works
he wants to know: what is life
she wants to inspect humanity's milestones with a team
he knows that he hasn't recognised what's worth his sacrifice
she learns to dance

Her parents bring her body out of emptiness
shake the black mercury off
and put her on top of a wooden plinth
Our gods and ancestors come in a procession to inspect
saying incessantly —

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'This one will become a model employee!'
'This one will become a geologist!'
'What about her?'
'She will become a scout before the dawn.'
'When aging gradually occupies their nerves,'
'reward them as they deserve,'
'and give back to them the ancient miracles.'

'Give them courage,'
'give them patience,'
'give them the strength to wake up from literature and fashion.'
'Give them courage,'
'give them patience,'
'give them also time to broadcast TV shows!'

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