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Mother Mother


Mother Mother

No One To Nothing

I got up today
With the thought
That i'm not what I thought
Woulda been dumb
I'm a little dot in a cosmic spray
Blue yellow and rust, pixie dust
I am an abstraction
Burning with the sun
I am no one

Losing my mind
It never felt so good to be alive
Crucify my name
I never felt more famous than today
Where I am no one to nothing

And though i've been told you gotta keep your spirit close
I let mine go
You well maybe you could too
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
You molecule
You could be dancing along with the particles and carbon to
This song


Love like this it don't grow sick
It don't grow wicked
Infinite without a shtick
It's legit, legit, legit, legit, legit

Lose your mind
Baby you'll never feel so good to be alive
I say again
I say erase your name, sweet honey
You'll never feel more famous than today
When you are no one, no one, no one to nothing

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