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Damn Fool


You fool!you hide.escape to deep inside.
Your weakness mind without respect
Lonely is your friend,you never understand.
You super stupid guly TAT FLIP tells you why?
You don't know why? why you always cry?
In 1999 will we gonna still survive?
You don't know why? Why you always lie?
Why are you screaming here and you dropped your pride?
We're living under the same sky.
I think you always thought that you can fly,
you can't do that, you're so pity!
Oh! well!you really really don't realize.
* Maybe you're right.maybe you're wrong.
People like to blame you make you depressed feeling so strong.
You do it so bad, they kick your ass.
You do it the best, they hit your head.
Death penalty.What's that theory,makes you angry,
you wcrk in the misery company.
How can you accept the reality? damn fool!
Put your head in your ass. Are you ready?
Fed up!don't call me damn fool! fed up! god damn you!﹒
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I know you never love your mother.
Cuz your mother never love you first.
I know you always hate your father.
Cuz your father always beats your ass.
Your brains full of stupid complains,
but no one wants to hear you bullshit anyway
somebody owes you, sonebody call's you 'fool'.
Nobody loves you, suicide is the way you could choose.

You're so sick of the world now
No time to prepare.no chance to rearrange.
Why are you here? why were you grow in a wrong time?
These meaningless puestion. no one can answer your puestion.
TAT FLIP talks to you, you turn your face off.
You lock up the door,facing the wall.
Who said life is peachy? who said life is worth it?
goodbye all my friends. goodbye all my love.
Why can't i be loved? why can't i be cared?
Are you so sick of the world now?

Hate to stay.you buried me and my faith.
Hate to stay.you tied me up and my way.

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