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Skrip (rapper)( Adriel Cruz )【 合計 2アルバム 15曲 歌詞 】
Adriel Cruz (born February 19, 1987), who goes by the stage name Skrip stylized as SKRIP, is an American Christian hip hop musician and producer. He released two independent albums, 2011's The Und_rscore and Becoming All Things, which caught the attention of Infiltrate Music. They signed him, and his first release with the label was 2013's, The Und_rscore II, yet this failed to chart. His subsequent album, Renegades Never Die, was released in 2015 with Infiltrate Music. This was a Billboard chart breakthrough release.

Music career

His music career started in 1999, yet his first release was The Und_rscore, which was released on June 9, 2011. He then quickly followed this up with another independently released album, Becoming All Things, on July 31, 2011. This caught the attention of Infiltrate Music, who signed him in 2012, and released, The Und_rscore II, on January 15, 2013 becoming his first studio album. The next album, Renegades Never Die, with Infiltrate Music was his second studio album, came out on February 24, 2015. The album received two reviews by Jesus Freak Hideout and a review from New Release Tuesday, Kevin Hoskins rated the album three stars, while Scott Fryberger rated the album two and a half for Jesus Freak Hideout. While Mark Ryan for New Release Tuesday rated the album three and a half stars. This album was his breakthrough release on the Billboard charts, at No. 24 on the Christian Albums, and at No. 19 on the Heatseekers Albums charts.
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アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
Renegades Never Die 2015
2.Let It All Out (提供)
3.I Wanna Go There (提供)
4.Lwymmd (提供)
5.Memorandum (提供)
6.Right Now (提供)
7.A Better Way (提供)
8.Tonight (提供)
9.Heir In The Air (提供)
10.When The Beat Drop
11.Este Fuego
12.Go On (feat. Michael Ketterer of United Pursuit) (提供)
13.Destiny's Prelude (提供)
1.Break It Down2.Feeling New


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