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Caspar Babypants( Chris Ballew )【 合計 11アルバム 180曲 歌詞 】
Caspar Babypants is the stage name of children's music artist Chris Ballew, who is also widely known as the singer of The Presidents of the United States of America.

Ballew's first brush with children's music came in 2002, when he recorded and donated an album of traditional children's songs to the nonprofit Program for Early Parent Support titled 'PEPS Sing A Long!' Although that was a positive experience for him, he did not consider making music for families until he met his wife, collage artist Kate Endle. Her art inspired Ballew to consider making music that 'sounded like her art looked' as he has said. Ballew began writing original songs and digging up nursery rhymes and folk songs in the public domain to interpret and make his own. The first album 'HERE I AM!' was recorded during the summer of 2008 and released in February 2009.

Ballew began to perform solo as Caspar Babypants in the Seattle area in January 2009. Fred Northup, a Seattle-based comedy improvisor, heard the album and offered to play as his live percussionist. Northrup also suggested his frequent collaborator Ron Hippe as a keyboard player. 'Frederick Babyshirt' and 'Ronald Babyshoes' were the Caspar Babypants live band from May 2009 to April 2012. Both Northup and Hippe appear on some of his recordings but since April 2012 Caspar Babypants has exclusively performed solo. The reasons for the change were to include more improvisation in the show and to reduce the sound levels so that very young children and newborns could continue to attend without being over stimulated.

Ballew has made two albums of Beatles covers as Caspar Babypants. 'BABY BEATLES!' came out in September 2013 and 'BEATLES BABY! came out in September 2015.

Caspar Babypants is a true do it yourself (DIY) venture with Ballew running the Aurora Elephant Music record label, booking shows, running the studio, and producing, recording and mastering the albums himself. Distribution for the albums is handled by Burnside Distribution in Portland Oregon.

Caspar Babypants has released a total of 12 albums as of November 18th 2016. The 12th album WINTER PARTY! was released on November 18th 2016.
曲名リスト•モード アルバム順(発行時間) 曲名順(文字数) 曲名順(その他)
アルバム名 リリース日  ソング    
Night Night! 2015
1.Just for You (提供)
2.Up All Night (提供)
3.Take It Easy (提供)
4.Wonder Why You Hide (提供)
5.Day is Gone (提供)
6.Through Your Window (提供)
7.Beneath the Water (提供)
8.Dagonfly Blue (提供)
9.Deep in the Dirt (提供)
10.The Land of Shush (提供)
11.Sad Baby (提供)
12.Little Sleeper (提供)
13.Sliver Moon (提供)
14.Drift Off in Time (提供)
15.Undo Your Mind
16.Made of Light (提供)
Rise & Shine 2014
1.Good Morning (Rise and Shine) (提供)
2.The Littlest Worm (提供)
3.Silly Bird (提供)
4.The Creatures Under My Bed (提供)
5.Hush Little Baby (提供)
6.John Mousey (提供)
7.Bird in an Airplane Suit (提供)
8.Pretty Crabby (提供)
9.The Runaway Shoes (提供)
10.Fiddlehead Fern (提供)
11.Mud Puddle (提供)
12.Rig a Jig Jig (提供)
13.The Girl with the Squirrel in Her Hat (提供)
14.Rock A Bye Baby (提供)
15.Rain Rain Come Today (提供)
16.Early Bird (提供)
17.Hold Fast Baby Barnacle (提供)
18.Sleepy Eyed (提供)
19.Bye Bye Day (提供)
I Found You! 2013
1.I Found You (提供)
2.Just Wondering (提供)
3.All The Fish (提供)
4.Kangaroo (提供)
5.Baby Of Mine (提供)
6.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (提供)
7.The Stump Hotel (提供)
8.Yes And No (提供)
9.Sleepy Head (提供)
10.Say Farewell (提供)
11.Too Dirty To Love (提供)
12.Skeletone (提供)
13.Cricket The King (提供)
14.Fuzz (提供)
15.Hobo Baby (提供)
16.Row Row Row Your Boat (提供)
17.Woods Behind My Home (提供)
18.If I Was A (提供)
19.Golden Sunset (提供)
Baby Beatles! 2013
1.Here Comes the Sun
2.All Together Now
3.Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
4.Your Mother Should Know
6.Yellow Submarine
7.Ob La Di Ob La Da
8.Love Me Do
9.Penny Lane
10.Mother Nature's Son
11.All You Need Is Love
12.Little Child
13.Octopus's Garden
14.Anytime at All
15.Cry Baby Cry
16.Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
17.Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
19.I'm Only Sleeping
Hot Dog! 2012
1.sugar ant
2.crazy blue beetle (提供)
3.this old whale (提供)
4.summer baby (let it ride) (提供)
5.boot got grounded (提供)
6.messy face (提供)
7.stompy the bear (提供)
8.eleanor the elegant elephant (提供)
9.bunny brown (提供)
10.all that I have got (提供)
11.the animal lunch (提供)
12.I don't mind (提供)
13.scared scare crow (提供)
14.more moles (提供)
15.sweepin' broom (提供)
16.lonely glove (提供)
17.snowman in the summer (提供)
18.a thousand tiny doughnuts (提供)
19.even bugs are sleeping (提供)
Sing Along! 2011
1.Bad Blue Jay (提供)
2.Wild Wild Time (提供)
3.Crawl (提供)
4.I Wanna Be A Snowman (提供)
5.Funny Bone (提供)
6.My Flea Has Dogs (提供)
7.Ba Ba Black Sheep
8.Spider John (提供)
9.Shadow (提供)
10.Loud And Quiet
11.Mister Winter Bee (提供)
12.Long Long Dream (提供)
13.Ring Around The Rosie (提供)
14.Them Bones (提供)
15.Pussycat Pussycat (提供)
16.Me And My Echo (提供)
17.Butterfly Driving A Truck (提供)
18.Helicopter (提供)
19.Sun Go (提供)
20.Baby Cloud (提供)
This Is Fun! 2010
1.All You Pretty Babies
2.Speedy Centipede
3.The Legend of the Bone
4.Baby's Getting Up
5.Where Do You Go?
6.Googly Eyes
7.Shoo Fly (提供)
8.Tiger Through The Trees
9.Bounce Your Baby
10.Baby and the Animals (提供)
11.Sliver (提供)
12.The Cuckoo
13.It's Gonna Rain
14.The Frogs
15.Mister Rabbit (提供)
16.Little Ditty (提供)
17.Buckeye Jim
18.Look At All These Elephants
20.Dark of Night (提供)
More Please! 2009
1.Take the Sun
2.Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone
3.Robin on a Wire
4.Rocks and Flowers
5.Run Baby Run (提供)
6.Dust Mite
7.Cotton Eyed Joe
8.Mary and Her Friends
9.Im a Nut
10.Looking Up
11.Itsy Bitsy Spider
12.Bold Little Bird
13.Made Up My Mind (提供)
15.Fuzzy Wuzzy
16.Sittin on This Rock
17.Light It Up
18.Got a Little Ghost (提供)
19.Spiders Lullaby (提供)
Here I Am! 2009
1.Small Black Ant
2.Little Broken Truck
3.Brown and Lonely Worm
4.Free Like A Bird (提供)
5.Baby Bear
6.Three Blind Mice
7.Baby In A Corn Tree (提供)
8.Heard A Bird
9.Babies Little Self
10.Run Away (提供)
11.The Island Hop
12.Under A Rock
13.Bug In The Cuff
14.Shortnin Bread
15.Let The S Go
16.Billy Pringle (提供)
17.Poor Dust Bunnies
18.Freres Jacques (提供)
19.Bright Bug (提供)
20.Monkey River (提供)
21.Calling From Clouds (提供)
22.Sleeping Baby (提供)
Beatles Baby!
1.With a Little Help from My Friends
2.Hey Jude
3.When I'm Sixty Four
1.The Twelve Days of Christmas
2.My Pants Are on Vacation
3.What Do You Find?


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