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Jennifer Lopez( ジェニファー・ロペス )



【 愛嗎?(Love?) 】【 2011-05-06 】

1.On The Floor(feat. Pitbull)(全力舞動)

2.Good Hit(最夯)

3.I'm Into You(feat. Lil Wayne)(我哈你)

4.What Is LOVE?(愛嗎?)

5.Run The World(玩轉世界)


7.Until It Beats No More(至死不渝)

8.One Love(唯一的愛)

9.Invading My Mind(入侵腦細胞)


11.Starting Over(從頭愛過)


13.Everybody's Girl(萬人迷)

14.Charge Me Up(愛的動力)

15.Take Care(請保重)

16.On The Floor(Ven A Bailar) - feat. Pitbull(全力舞動 - 西文版)


L.A.到邁阿密 歐洲到亞洲 全新珍世代


◎征服19國排行冠軍,取樣黏巴達舞曲首波主打“On The Floor”

◎有請流行女神Lady Gaga與幕後推手RedOne跨刀打造、饒舌奇才Lil Wayne聯手獻藝




LOVE?” … J.Lo



共推出『On The 6』(1999)、『J.Lo』(2001)、『This Is Me…Then』(2002)、『Rebirth』(2005)、『Brave』(2007)5張英文專輯,外加西班牙文大碟『Como Ama una Mujer』(2007),全數挺入告示牌Top12。此外,她的混音特輯『J To Tha L-O! The Remixes』更成為史上第一張拿下排行冠軍的混音作品。2007年起珍妮佛開始構思新專輯,過程中歷經了懷孕、初為人母、以及轉換唱片新東家等重大人生體驗,也讓這張睽違近4年的全新作品【LOVE?】更令世人期待。

  加盟環球旗下的全新專輯【Love?】,充滿對兒女、對另一半、對生活、對感情無私的愛。第一主打“On The Floor”,取樣1989年轟動全球的黏巴達舞曲“Lambada”,交付流行女神Lady Gaga幕後推手RedOne操刀,請到拉丁饒舌新霸主Pitbull助陣,快速征服19國排行冠軍;滾石雜誌封為「年度暢銷曲製造王」的Stargate(麥可傑克森、亞瑟小子)負責“I'm Into You”,邀請四座葛萊美喝采的饒舌奇才Lil Wayne幫腔,混搭熱帶Dancehall節拍,率先於歐洲多國颳起旋風;回應主題的“(What Is) Love?”由近期竄紅的D'Mile(蕾哈娜、小賈斯汀)坐鎮,卻是首質疑「愛」本質的歌曲,道出那些缺乏親人關愛、飽受暴力陰影的人們孤單無助的心境;“One Love”特別獻給昔日感情中出現的男主角們,搖擺著順暢中板旋律,耐聽且扣人心弦;串聯Electropop/House的“Invading My Mind”,通上高壓電流,出動Lady Gaga和恩師RedOne量身訂作;瑪麗亞凱莉、瑪丹娜皆點名的Danja控管“Starting Over”,描述走過情傷,重新面對另一段感情的勇氣。此豪華版追加五首風格迥異的Bonus Tracks:火燙的“Hypnotico”、放克風迪斯可“Everybody's Girl”、DubStep包覆“Charge Me Up”、嘻哈律動“Take Care”、西班牙文版“On The Floor”。愛情是什麼樣子?讓J.Lo唱給你聽…

Love? is the seventh studio album by American recording artist and actress Jennifer Lopez. Conceived during the pregnancy of her twins Emme and Max, Love? is Lopez's most personal album to date, taking inspiration from the birth of her twins and her own experiences with love. Recording for the album began in 2009, with an original release date for the project set for January 2010 to coincide with Lopez's latest film The Back-up Plan. However following the lack of success with lead single 'Louboutins', Lopez and Sony Music Entertainment decided to end their ten year partnership leaving the fate of Love? in uncertainty. In 2010, Lopez signed a new record deal with Island Def Jam, which saw the release of Love? on April 29, 2011.

Lopez credits Love? as her best album to date because on it she finds 'her best vocals to date'. The album was executively produced by RedOne and Lopez's new label boss, Antonio 'L.A.' Reid.

'I'm very proud of who I am as a vocalist from where I started... The voice was always there, I was just so insecure about it in the beginning. Marc helped me so much because he was the one who was like, 'You have a beautiful voice,' I think people are gonna be surprised with some of the vocals on this album. It will have urbanny-type tracks on it. Don』t worry. Booty shakers, mid-tempos, feel-good records.' - Jennifer Lopez, speaking on the types of song that would appear on Love? and how she's grown as an artist.

Lopez told KIIS FM's DJ Skee, that she had chosen to call her album Love? because love was something that still confused her. 'Love is the most confusing thing in the world, that's why the album is called Love with a question mark.' She also revealed that her husband Marc Anthony initially disapproved of the title because he felt that it may imply that the couple were having marital problems. However in interviews with DJ Skee, she said 'love has always been a theme of my career and this record wasn't going to be different. The album has a lot of up-tempo, dancy, urban tracks.'

The album's first single under Island Records is 'On the Floor' and features Pitbull. It is the first song from Love? to garner Canadian and US airplay and has impacted on charts around the world. Released from February 11, 2011, it reached the top five in most countries, including reaching number one in fifteen countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and much of continental Europe. It is Lopez's most successful single in eight years, peaking at number five in the United States.