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1 13.Mr.Wonderful(feat. Action Bronson) inimal My jacket make you grimace You can catch me playing tennis with my dentist Dennis Independent suspension Four-o-five is what I'm benchi ... Black turtle necks we on some French shit Uh and I shoot like I'm fromFrench Lick Sometimes I feel like I'm playing with a death wish All a player wants is neck bows and red fish And that thick red bone ... ven take a piss by myself(no) Yes I'm done baby hand me my belt[Choru
2 10.Spraying My Pen ne quotes Yes I stay close to my enemy No it ain't you; You wish it was It ain't nothin' but time so far you're a friend of me Backstabbers sm ... t Beggin' my pardon pardon my French but I leave you starvin' You jivin' turkey I'll let you watch while I'm turkey carvin' Gone'til November dismember you while ... I'm crazy with it no straight jacket That crazy cake I don't bake tha
3 5.Dance for Me g in your frenchies Do you want to live forever? I'll write about you baby. Girl your bags rattling what you carrying? Like a fucking shaker y ... ing in the shadeJameson in my jacket baby can you hack it? Take a swig and I know you're gonna like it. Girl I'm worried that I'd break you track marks on your ar ... let the meds flow You've got eyes like a Sucubuss in my brain yes miss imma fuck us up. I don't need
4 17.Hip Hop s Carhart jackets Timberland boots unlaced This is Champion hoodies chicken wings and ... ion hoodies chicken wings and french fries RIP pieces on the handball court this is us still fightin' police brutality This is hip hop[Verse1] I ain't tryin' to b ... greatest hip hop(hip hop) And yes I'm a fan first if you from the south finger snap till your hands hurt If you from the west W's in the air if you from the east ... zing Look at me gaze into my eyes see the poverty?
5 7.Ride elle'sâ€' yes ma From7 and Woodward to7 and Kellyâ€' the East side It's murder; from Kelly and further East where peace signs and street signs ... tch out or get stuck for your jacket AIDS spreadin strap up'fore you catch it A dude chopped his wife up with a hatchet(damn) You might live to see eighteen She g ... s is how we ride) Up and down French(ride); French Road niggaz(ride) Up and down th

6 13.The Nothing Fight bring my jacket I might get cold.''You bring your fucking ... cold.''You bring your fucking jacket. Ya think. Do ya think? Yes. What if they're pumpin' AC in there and then you're cold I have to go out and I miss the previews cause I gotta get your fuckin ... ause I gotta get your fuckin' jacket. Bring your jacket.' I love nothing fights. The best nothing figh I have ever seen in my life. I was at the supermarket a few months ago and I'm ... sle and I'm at the St
7 11.The Lords ald sheds jacket. Oswald is captured. He escaped into a movie house. In the womb we are blind cave fish. Everything is vague and dizzy. The sk ... rning awake dripping gasping eyes stinging. The eye looks vulgar Inside its ugly shell. Come out in the open In all of your Brilliance. Nothing. The air outside b ... ng. The air outside burns my eyes. I'll pull them out and get rid of the burning. Crisp hot whiteness City Noon Occupants of plague zone are consumed.(Santa Ana's ...