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The Doors( Doors )

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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.BREAK ON THROUGH (To The Other Side)


3.Whiskey Bar (Alabama Song)



6.Woman Is A Devil

7.The Red Rooster

8.When The Music Is Over

9.Unknown Soldier

10.The New Creatures To Pamela Susan

11.The Lords

12.The End (Live)

13.The Celebration Of The Lizard

14.Poems From The Village Reading

15.Ship of Fools

16.Poems From Tape Noon

17.Poems From Drywater

18.Queen of the Highway

19.Maggie M'Gill

20.The Severed Garden

21.Paris Journal

22.Adolph Hitler

23.Paris Blues

24.Rock Me

25.Notebook Poems


27.Graveyard Poem

28.Don't Go No Farther

29.Break On Through (Part 2)

30.Hello To The Cities

31.Doors Spanish Caravan

32.Black Train Song

33.The Wasp

34.Celebration Of The Lizard

35.Touch Me Babe

36.Orange County Suite

37.I Will Never Be Untrue

38.Doors - Peace Frogs

39.Adolf Hitler

40.The Doors / The End

41.The End [From Apocalypse Now]

42.Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)

43.Names On The Kindom

44.Roadhouse Blues (Live)

45.Gloria [Live]

46.The Soft Parade - Live On PBS Television, New York, 1970

47.Rock Is Dead

48.Curses, Invocation

49.Jazzy Maggie McGill

50.People Are Stange

51.Twentienth Century Fox

52.Moon Light Drive (Sunset Sound)

53.Texas Radio and the Big Beat

54.Touch Me Baby

55.Mental Floss

56.The Doors / Light My Fire

57.Moonlight Drive - Demo Recorded At World Pacific Studios, 1965

58.The Doors / Love Her Madly

59.The Doors / People Are Strange

60.The Doors / Hello, I Love You

61.Little Red Rooster

62.Whiskey Bar

63.The Piano Bird

64.Ghost Song

65.Who Do You Love - Medley

66.You Need Meat(Don't Go No Further)

67.I'm Your Doctor

68.Black Polished Chrome (Latino Chrome)


70.Mean Mustard Blues

71.The Poet's Dreams


73.I'm A Man

74.Poontang Blues / Build Me A Woman / Sunday Trucker

75.An American Prayer / Hour For Magic / Freedom Exis

76.Awake Ghost Song