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YBN Cordae

Lost & Found

Switch up my lifestyle
Yup, yup, uh, huh

Yeah, I was a lost boy, now I'm found
Niggas switched up, they can't come around
See these rap niggas biting my sound
Shout out my bitch for holdin' it down
I had to switch up my lifestyle
If she bad, I'ma go and fuck her lights out
Mama always told me I was a bright child
Naked pictures saved on my iCloud
My goodness, my God, my gracious
Got a bad little bitch, my favorite
And I eat the pussy like it's caviar
Nigga, I ain't talkin' 'bout that playlist

Most necessary,
cold February
Flow never buried, shit is everlastin'
Opportunity is never passin'
Was just in school skippin' hella classes
New whip, hit the pedal thrashin'
Grew up where I heard the metal blastin'
I know that greed is the devil's passion
He wears Prada
and stiletto fashion
Gucci has become the ghetto fashion
I am just another rebel rappin'
But that studio time led to Louis Vuitton
That I just bought for my mom
Celebration, mix Ciroc and a lime
Rest in peace X, the Pac of his time
Was manifested, can't stop the divine
The nigga speakin' like Barack in his prime

But I'm Bill Clinton with these ill writtens, make the real listen
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Seen Monica Lewinsky in the Hills drippin'

Hours later, call me Mike Jones 'cause I'm still tippin'

Call up Scotty with the shotty, 'cause I feel Pippen

I'm a real fresh prince, Uncle Phil, listen
And tell Will Smith how I kill shit
And to please adopt a young nigga
Man, I'm tryna get real rich

Nah I'm playin', shout out to Jaden
So iconic how I go Super Saiyan

New bitch foreign, straight from the Himalayans
On top soon, Lord knows I been prayin'
'Cause I'm on my grind, watch how I kickflip

Money notorious, I'm buyin' big shit

God is so glorious, bless me with riches
I was just broke, now I'm a rich kid
Gas what I smoke, that shit is vicious
Give me that throat, say it's delicious
Rappers is jokes, I'm a musician
Rappers is jokes, I'm a musician, huh

None of these niggas want smoke with me
So hopefully my flow will breed
Some rappers with actual potency
Spit hot lava, erode the beat, my God

What you think of that, Brent?