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The Glamour Manifesto

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The Glamour Manifesto

Blackout Knockout

Lyricist:Armen Simonpour,Mattia Cecchetto
Composer:Armen Simonpour,Mattia Cecchetto

I must find somewhere I can hide
She said it's gonna happen tonight
And even though i'm not much of a fighter
She won't stop until she put out the fire

All I want is
Is to make her
Always happy
And commited
But I'm tired
Crucified for the cause

She makes me so feel insicure
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Always starving for more
Some days are total black
What is she doesn't come back

She's hopeless
But forgiven
The freedom
I needed
The connection when I feel unplugged
Now fast, come give me some

I feel alive when the water turns red
There's no pride with you
I feel alive but the water is too thick
I can't dive to you