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Ghost Quartet

The Camera Shop

This store has been in my family for four generations
See that fiddle on the wall? It belonged to my great-grandmother
Her name was Rose

Oh, that's my name

It's a beautiful name
Old-fashioned, you don't hear it a lot anymore

The colour is so light, what's it made of?

An old breastbone


It was the breastbone of her sister
Her name was Pearl
I'll tell you the story

Rose and Pearl lived by the sea
Gathering salt in the moonlight
And Rose loved a man who lived in the trees
Rose cried to Pearl, 'Hold me tight, hold me tight'

Rose went to his treehouse
And looked at the stars through his telescope
She wanted to hold his hand
So she wrote him a poem, signed it and sealed it
In a rice-paper envelope

With a lily for a stamp

But the man stole her work
He was the editor of a prestigious astronomy journal
He wrote down all she saw
And published it in his name
And Rose grew to hate him
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And Pearl caught his eye

I'm a little confused, and more than a little frightened

It's okay my dear, this is a circular story

And so Rose ran into the forest and
asked a great bear to maul the astronomer
And to turn the cruel sister into a black
crow, and put the corpse and the crow in a cave
So the crow started to starve,
and she'd have no choice but to peck
out the eyes of her lover and eat them!

I don't believe any of this

Don't you remember? The bear named his price

One pot of honey
One piece of stardust
One secret baptism
And a photo of a ghost

One pot of honey
One piece of stardust
One secret baptism
And a photo of a ghost

Rose stole the honey from a soldier she pretended to love
Stole stardust from an ancient, she pretended to care
And for the baptism, she stole a baby from its mother
A frightened teenager in a mansion
And took the child into the sea
And the child was blessed