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17 dead men laid to rest
All of them headed for the devil's chest
Plenty more coming so they confess
That they'll make it all up with the ones they have left

Only 19 when he changed his fate
Stole his soul back from the devil's grave
Swore to himself that his life would change
But then 23 came and it was still the same

'Cuz we've all be sleeping
Left to our dreaming at sea
But our ship is sinking
Like all of our meaning asleep
Asleep we are just

A few years shy from a better life
A few more lies, it'll be alright
Doesn't really matter if it's what's inside
How many dead men do we have left?
What've we done if we die tonight
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What've we won if we never fight
What've we lost if we never try
How many lies will you tell yourself next?

25 sinking on the devils ship
The hull's bleeding water and the crew is sea sick
How many feet will our dead souls dig
Before we give it all and we glorify His?
Each day forward as he filled his own cup
He couldn't sleep sober so he fell asleep drunk
8 years passed into the devil's depth
Then 33 came and he had less than half left

Wake up.
This ship is about to sink
Stay with me now.
Wake up
You've been lying here sound asleep

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