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Lizzo( Melissa Jefferson )

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Lizzo( Melissa Jefferson )


We can take over the earth
We can take over the earth

Too bad you couldn't be on the roster
Ya man, ya dig, ya can't speak rasta
Betty SpaghettiOs, no pasta
Just hog the coin like Whore-hey Washington
Poster child for big black ambition
Coattail-flunking and Timmy's wishlist
Tim chance be the only thing on my wishlist
Fried chicken and a bottle of Seagram's

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Stereotypical archetypes
(?) get radio play, like
Im'ma fit right in today, let me get a seat at the front of the Grammys
Let me get a little bit of bitter grapes
I can't want what I want anyway
So I just kick back like kitten play
Staying on the come-up like, 'that's my play'