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Katie Tropp

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Katie Tropp

Out of Order

Just call me Katie 'Damaged Goods' Tropp,
Because my Daddy tried to sell me off at the pawn shop,
But they wouldn't give him enough so he said 'Aww Fuck!'
This stupid kid ain't worth shit' so he left me in the dust,
Now my mind is fucked and I've been broken ever since,
And it can't be fixed this ain't no temporary glitch,
So I pick up my knife and I'm on a mission for some throats to slit,
I'll start with Bruno Mars so I ain't gotta hear his voice again,
I'm goin in whatever that means,
My mind is clouded because I smoke a lot of trees,
Get on your knees and suck my D,
I'ma fuck you in the face if you got a problem with me,
How you gonna do that Tropp you ain't got a dick?
I got a big black strap on that's twelve inches,
Get your gag reflex in order you little bitch,
Cuz I'm just getting started I ain't about to quit!

Katie's getting out of order,
My mind's not right don't feel emotion,
Too far gone I am corroded,
You cannot fix what's already broken!
Katie's getting out of order,
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Order out of Katie's getting,
Katie's getting out of order,
Order out of Katie's getting!

I ain't your sweetheart Ain't no Taylor Swift,
There's nothing sweet about me except maybe my clit,
Yeah you wish that you could have a lick,
And see how many licks it takes for me to get,
off- track but you don't know me like that,
And you prolly never will because your phony and whack,
When you fuckin talk all I wanna do is stab,
Or rip your jaw right off then cram it up your ass,
Ala-kazaam I get three wishes from Shaq,
With the first wish I'd like for you to grant,
Me is a never ending sack of weed,
And no I still won't share it with anybody,
Now for wish number two, it ain't World Peace,
In fact I want the opposite straight Anarchy,
Because what I'ma do with wish number three,
Is make sure all the power belongs to me!