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Producer:Sir Spyro

[Verse 1]
I'm going away for a bit, when I'm back
Nobody say my name on a track
When I get nervous, man, I start merking
'Skengman 5' when I'm under attack
Should've thought twice before you opened your trap
Come into a nuclear war with a strap
You can tell me to shut up, we'll both say shut up
When I say 'shut up', I get a plaque
Difference, might come through all blacked
Tings in the front row screaming out 'brap'
Oh, you thought it was gonna fall back?
They think that I get paid in brand new clothes
Like why would I mug myself?
Plus Apple Music gave me a brand new show
Little nigga, I'll plug myself
Plug my scene, plug my guys
This ting's more than a buzz, don't lie
Wanna be a G? Real thugs don't cry
Looking at Stormz like 'the cunt won't die'
Fuckboys soon get hit with the karma
Leave man pissed like he split with his partner
I ain't got a brand new chain or a Roley
Then I said 'Mum, buy a business in Ghana'
I'll cop that straight
Stop dat, start dat, get dat weight
Man talk greaze but I bet that's fake
Dem boy dere never dropped no heat
Therefore, I will not check man's tape
Kick a man's face like Ong-Bak
Blacked-out Adidas kicks and my combats
Please don't put no Coke in my cognac
Rudeboy, suck your mum, I ain't on that
Yeah, pull it up, rewind it
All the gun talk, I don't even mind it
But don't get gassed cause you got the headline
You only got it cause I declined it
Lost my faith, then I went to find it
Never been a fluke, man, I came and timed it
Mandem are shook, better watch the throne now
And if you can't see me, look behind it, pussy

Yeah, scary
Yo (Sounds of the-)

[Verse 2]
I'm going away for a bit, when I'm back
Won't be saying my name in their raps
When I get angry, man a move anti
Turn Big Mike when I'm under attack
Album's here, can you smell that cooking?
Man wanna chat 'bout the proof's in the pudding
Tell me to shut up, we'll both say shut up
When I say 'Shut Up', I get a booking
Difference, box in the face, man's hooking
#Merky events, might book him
Man try say it when I see him, it's peak
Man have been out here for days, stop looking
That loud pack's not a ten like mine
Dem boy can't rep your ends like mine
Put a big strap to your hairline, boy
Push that bag, get an M like mine
None of these youts got a pen like mine
Did you hear my man's send? I'm dying
Anywhere I go, got my bro with the smoke
Yeah, man, we all need a friend like mine
Dem man know that I spun the remix
Tried put faith in the non-believers
Man keep saying that I'm overrated
I'm like 'yeah, cool, but I'm undefeated'
Peng tings in Dubai, I spot them by the pool
Taught to fight but not to fight with tools
Dropped my pride, I lost a fight in school
On the mic or off the mic, I'm cool
See all the pricks and the hate, I love it
Even though I laugh in my snaps, don't chuck it
Everybody's talking light so fuck it
Boy, if I spit on your tune, I'll buss it

Yeah, scary
(Sounds of the-)