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Roddy Frame

Over You

The thrill on your face looked down and left
Now I'm filling a space I've torn in my chest
All the effects, a churning machine
But nobody left to care what it means

Stopped dead in my tracks, I froze in my steps
Tried to get back, I couldn't connect
Heard you were out, SW3
Talking about how you were over me

All of our time's been torn in two
Now I spend all of mine tryin' to get over you

Now that you've gone, I wish you were here
Everything's wrong, nothing is clear
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Everything we shared and believed
Is left here with me, now you're finally free

Are the trees turning red where you are today?
Wish you had said you were headed that way
I see you sat on a bus, saying I drove you to split
When I say think about us, you say, 'Aw, get over it'

Me stuck on the strand, trying to get through
And make myself understand that I've gotta get over you
Gotta do what I can until I get over you
I'm gonna make like a man and then I'll be over you