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Bagging Rainbows

I'm working right here where the rainbows dwell
got a stash worth of bags that'll take days to sell
the blue-screen of my life will be changing colour
(turning into green$)

I'm Providing my way up through Butterfly Street,
The fast lane lies just under my feet,
Shadows covers left. I'm working bright side.

Sunshine I know you've travelled far
And you're just like me, remniscents of a star
Sunshine, head on we're packing light
we're in business now, together we will end the night

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The crowd is getting rowdy, it's a pity to hear.
Calm down now people you have nothing to fear.
Tidy your statement brothers and sisters.

It's now a no mans land behind eyelids of sheep
the herd won't be home for their good night's sleep
There is no shepherd, only me and Sunshine

Sunshine and I are here to tear up the scene,
gents you'll be witnessing something never been.
It's your turn now. It's the finest hour.