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2Baba( 2 Face Idibia )

Officially Blind

Chineke Me
Chai, baby girl you dey enter my eye
You dey blind me like sun rays
And your love is over flowing
Tell me what more can I say
So deeply you the only one that gets me completely
24 7 girl I'm feeling you Monday to Sunday
Chai, like henny like loud
E dey make me dey high
I dey happy I dey proud
Girl I can never have it any other way
And that's the reason why me I dey say

I'm officially blind
Girl your love for me is so crazy
I'm officially blind
The way your loving me is blinding me
I'm officially blind
Baby this is no democracy
I'm officially blind
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Na only you wey I dey see
Na only you wey I dey look oh

Me I don't really care watin all these
People dey talk for you matter
Me and you with a bullet proof vest
We no send anybody pata pata
Love is blind love is blind
But you open my eyes
Every time you smile
Chai, baby I will always be there
No need for you to fear
I'm over you like canopy
See me over there
All them talk na fallacy
Them talk e no dey follow me
And that's the reason why me I dey say