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Tunnel Of Love

Artist Name:Bliss N Eso
Album Name:
Song Name:Tunnel Of Love

check it out this is eso right here were bringing it back to the essence and all you australian mc's i love you but i'm bored lets get it on.

(verus 1)
welcome to my wonderful world of word wizardry, where my verbs literally turn symphonies in to a place where the sun doesn't go (home) the beast sweeps the streets for bundles of dough. in the middle of the jungle where these kids are in a huddle straight up pissin in a puddle keeping bitches out of bubble. fell the rhythm of the struggle the vision isn't sutdle but livin in the bubble keeps you distant from the trouble. i'm choppin it like the captain of the saw mill droppin shit puttin patterns in the corn fields after this every town knows that eso rocks up and pumps the merry-go-round smoke. i love boobs they cushion my hands i love dogs so much i push them in prams but freedom though the pencil is what floods my zone and my pick-up line is take me drunk i'm home. that's right i drink and yell at the bar but at home i have tinkerbelle in a jar. i shepherd orphans though graveyard livin with vampires my thoughts are ready to play card and piss on camp fires. a mans life is point blank with the beast i wrote it and ruled it. my joints stank up the streets they call me max mcfly so damn your crystal ball i've got a license to drive so suck your ass and jam that pistol pork.

(verus 2)
shit. were not trying to be cool or the cleverest kids but it was probably this crew who drank the beverages. that's why writing time is designed for the whole calendar cause lyrically we killin it like kilik from soul caliber. so come on people all aboard the night train first class pass direct to my brain. wave and laugh at some of the funny people in my memories and how an only child gained bother hood chemistry. i'm just a dreamer with a love for the taste. i keep it hardcore without a gun on my waist. i sit with bliss and laugh while you're running that race. i'm just a young buck who grew up with mud on his face. so i spread love if you pass the time hearing this sighing out is eso, mud and the glassy eyed lyricist.

(dj scratches)

it goes bliss and eso gallop though your metro droppin fresh shit what part you don't get bro. one for the fun and two for the crew and three for the world but we love those girls. x2
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(verus 3)
i clambered like the bandit with a band of mother fuckers having fun and booming in i mean booming in from the looney bin. i can't hide from lies. i don't know if both eyes can go inside. but i feel better when these veterans of leddison. the weather men like shittin in like edison. there ever been some cleaver men with feather pens. for pleasure man endeavorin till we severin. get to the swing and get to the bling, bling she got that right protocol. make that pay and take me away i see the sight that frodo saw. we keep it romantic by the fire and i call a star? but i'm still a big boy making love up in you jar. ohh no look what i've done she's calling me ignorant. well i can not stop also stop being belligerent and their clapping and screaming notice some call. platinum dreaming even though we are ahh the dope of the mall. so hoping it's yall fault cop on three? we reach the mountain up in ball all that i see to keep them bouncing. it's like around the clock i'm lying with lines i'm lying in line i'm lying with alliances forming and to find the sure thing. the kite is flying the cool string the kids hold this bold vital source wing. we'll chop down the scallywags wallowing rich amongst the diamonds i'm rough with my walloping stick. they say tempest out of the boots you stray? wonderin wastelands looking for the true crusade cause the hippies go so what they take stems from my shit? and we tippy toe over the lake with gems that have slipped this far luster keeping these quick mc's on par buster in secrecy frequently in my star cluster hear a decency teaching me to seamlessly sequence these bar structure frequencies and type to maybe they don't hear what i'm hollerin (no they don't) witch is not accessible at least shit get to caught up in my technical flow and it wreaks a hoe though in affects it wont go so just snap out of it bro and just go spit some grammar that gets some payment you know some dumb shit under the banner of entertainment. cause i'm sick of all winging about whose bluffin cause i will not wake these fools up and disconnect the ___? ___ ___? ___. no i will not. you hear what i'm saying. will not

(dj scratches)

it goes bliss and eso gallop though your metro droppin fresh shit what part you don't get bro. one for the fun and two for the crew and three for the world but we love those girls. x2

(dj starches)

don't fuck around.

i'm ready to do it mate i'm fuckin balling out my ball sack.

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