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Fifi Rong

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Fifi Rong


Im too easy
I was too easy
So what I was easy
It was just for you
So now you can forget
Forget me
The moment is gone anyway

Last time we were close
Im not sure how I feel
How I feel isn't real
It won't matter to you

Leaving is pretty sad
But Im leaving you
Although I want you close
I don't kow what to do

I don't miss your kiss
I don't miss your touch
You know it hurts me
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It's painful to let it go

Do't you believe me
Don't you know why
Im beautiful too
Don'tyou see Can't you feel
I know you like her, and her
she understands you too
too good to be true
im chasing your shadow

Keep it to yourself
You know I want more
I wana get u high
I wana mess your world
but you don't pronounce ur h
and you had a gold teeth
I don't trust u at all
(but love you anyway)