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J-Live( J Live )

The Authentic

監製:Korede Gaston & Marco Polo

Well if it isn't that outbreak monkey for the latest epidemic of the vapors
Bringing you the greatest live capper to date to get involved
To marry to the music
Giving no quarter for those who would abuse it
Not even a buck and a dream, a coke and a smile
Smoke and a pancake, not a pat on the back and hand shake
For me and wack shit is beyond hate
I'm evacuating the state, you making my glands ache
Me and my bags packed, the headphones are playing the soundtracks
My ears to your song is like teeth to plaquer
Big speakers and feedback, quarter backs and sacks
The bottom line, now we don't need that
Yo your shit is crack!
In so much as, I never fuck with it and never will
Never used, never deal
Never chopped never cooked, and I really don't feel the appeal
How did you get a record deal? For real

It's the return of the super good, the authentic
You might want drama but we wouldn't recommend it
We shoot from the hip like hip hop's Doc Holliday
Tagging up your tombstone to say
That your songs are the worst and you can't freestyle
Who's next to step, I'm your Huckleberry now
You wanna test we, you must be crazy
You might be quick son, but you no daisy

When I tell I'm at least 3 deep dolo
I'm not referring to the big and tall Polo
And I'm surely not bragging on your girl your joke mom and a magnum
Oh no, I'm much more classy, and I wouldn't stoop so low
See, he's referring to the royal we, the righteous, unholy trinity
No holes within at least 10 miles of the vicinity
Except for the blast holes peering through the innards of my enemies
Now who and for and against that make sense
When you recognize the size and don't straddle the fence
Let the good shit ride, let the bullshit be past tense
Long gone no trace of evidence
Except for perhaps the finger and foot prints
Where we stomped you and choked you out
Or so it went, so I heard, so they say
I guess. Naw confess when we be smack dab in the middle of the mess


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