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Neil Stephen Cicierega (/ˌsɪsəˈriːɡə/; born August 23, 1986) is an American Internet artist, comedian, actor, filmmaker, puppeteer, singer, musician, and animator. He is the creator of the genre of Flash animation known as 'Animutation', and has released several albums as a musician under the name of 'Lemon Demon' and a series of mashup albums more recently under his own name.

Lemon Demon

Since 2003, Cicierega has released 9 full-length albums under his musical project Lemon Demon. In 2005, he and animator Shawn Vulliez released a Flash animated music video 'Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny' on Newgrounds. This reached over 12 million views on Newgrounds as well as topping the 'Funny Five' on The Dr. Demento Show for several weeks and becoming the No. 1 Request for 2006.[citation needed] The song was later included in the 2006 album Dinosaurchestra. An updated recording of the song was released to the Rock Band Network in 2010.

In April 2009, Cicierega released his first four albums as free downloads on his site '', however they are now currently hosted on ''.

In January 2016, Cicierega announced Spirit Phone, a full-length Lemon Demon album released on February 29, 2016.
Mashup albums

Cicierega also creates mashup music under his own name. He released two mashup albums, Mouth Sounds and Mouth Silence, for free download in 2014, and a third, Mouth Moods, in 2017.
Video games

On February 26, 2015, Cicierega announced his first point-and-click adventure game, Icon Architect 1.0.
Personal life

On August 8, 2015, Cicierega married illustrator Ming Doyle. He currently lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.
He has a younger sister named Emmy, a storyboard artist who notably worked on the Disney animated series Gravity Falls. She is currently working on DuckTales.

Outsmart (2000) – Deporitaz
Microwave This CD (2001) – Deporitaz
Dimes (2002) – Deporitaz
Clown Circus (2003) – Lemon Demon
Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (2003) – Lemon Demon
Hip To The Javabean (2004) – Lemon Demon
Damn Skippy (2005) – Lemon Demon
Dinosaurchestra (2006) – Lemon Demon
Circa 2000 (2007) – Deporitaz
View-Monster (2008) – Lemon Demon
Almanac 2009 (2009) – Lemon Demon
Live (Only Not) (2011) – Lemon Demon
I Am Become Christmas EP (2012) – Lemon Demon
Nature Tapes EP (2014) – Lemon Demon
Mouth Sounds (2014) – Neil Cicierega
Mouth Silence (2014) – Neil Cicierega
Spirit Phone (2016) – Lemon Demon
Mouth Moods (2017) – Neil Cicierega

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