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Infatuation (Interlude)

Lyricist:Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton

Yo, I wanna be wit you bad, whatever you need me to do
I need to stop by the sto' and get ya uncle some cigarettes?
You know what I'm sayin'?
I need to getcha momma wig off layaway? Whatever ya need

Ya little sister need some McDonald's?
Want her fries hot? You know what I'm sayin'
Whatever I gotta do to come over there, I'm doin' it
You know what I'm sayin', I'm jus' here to be wit you baby
Whatever you need, you know how we do it

I wanna be wit you bad
Nice and juicy, look like I been kissin' on a hot stove
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I'd love to be wit you baby
Jus' hang out like wet clothes? Whatever you wanna do
Whatever it take to get wit you baby
You know what I mean?

I gotta bake you a pie, stand on the corner wit a bowtie?
Whatever it take
(What you say?)
To get wit you, I wanna be wit you
I can't marry you but I can be
I show up at the parkin' lot of the church but I ain't comin' in
I just wanna be wit you though
You ain't comin' in?
Boy, stop!

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