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Pitch Black Forecast

Desperation Angel

Blackened wings of desperation / Soar toward an angry son
Sing of emancipation / Bring light unto the broken one
Feel the sting of separation / Alone I've come undone
Don't need your adoration / Transformation has begun

Formed in chlorine torment / Toxins locked inside
My pulse has seemed so dormant / And the current won't subside
Born of tar black vomit / Waves break from the tide
Leave this soul alone

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Ignored by a torn souls warden / Venomous and reviled
Ignorance bred by boredom / Repetitive and contrived
Denied / Why was I

To save myself from certain death / My soul's been compromised

The past is the past / And we can't have it back
Ashes to ashes / My baggage is packed

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