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Reynard Silva Girlfriend

I wonder what you're doing
I wonder if you're asleep
Or if you're awake
And thinking of me
But I know that's wishful thinking cuz a girl like you wouldn't wanna be with me
But lately I've been thinkin
It's a possibility

Girl I'm sprung
Over all that you do
I don't know what it is
I guess it's everything about you
You're on my mind
All of the time
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And I wonder
I wonder yeah

Is it obvious everytime I look at you
I get this kinda flush that makes me so disoriented cuz I'm so obsessed girl I must confess that you're the one. Can't you see girl you make me weak and I gotta feeling that you know girl I wonder if you know

I wonder what you're doing I wonder if you're home watchin tv or if you're out with your girlfriends or if you're feeling lonely

Yeah I wonder how you're feeling if you're feelin happy or sad. Girl I hope you're good cuz I've got it bad. Yeah

Oooo yeah yeah yeah yeah ooo babeh

You gotta let me know if you know. If you know how I feel
Cuz I can't take this feeling no more. Babeh