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Sun Kil Moon

With a Sort of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry

My friend Teresa, she's been in a lot of pain
Was there recently, had took up all the space in my brain
She lives there, by a cornfield
[?]it was the medication she took to get herself in debt
We got in the car and we, we drove around
Ohio roads that were flooded with rain on the ground
We got in the car and we, we drove around
[?]were in the background

When I was a kid, I kept toads and garter snakes
In the window well and they drowned when it rained
Before the snow came down in the winter
I dug a hole for my box turtle to hibernate
In the Spring I'd come and get it

I took a picture near a red fire hydrant near an old barn
Then we had [?]north Canada
That night we watched {?} on Jimmy Fallon
I went to sleep on her couch while she walked off to her bedroom
And I kissed her goodnight
And I looked in her eyes
With a sort of grace I walked to the toilet to cry
Remember when we were just young?
Just young, young little kids
Before the heaviness of life took over every fucking thing
Cause remember when we were just young?
Young, young little kids
Playing the Ouija board on the yellow card table in her mother's basement

When I'm walking down the Ohio roads
I remember all the turtles and snakes and frogs and toads
[?]fucking headache

And as I walk around the block that you live on
I see poetry in every inch of it
I see lightning bugs flicker in the darkness
And the overgrown weeds and houses bein' foreclosed on
And I walk over to the church at the intersection
Fluorescent blue painted handicap parking spaces
And at the side of the road I see a dead groundhog laying on its back
And I walk over to him and there's another groundhog nearby in the weeds
Breathing fast like he's having a panic attack

My friend Teresa she's been in so much pain
When I visit her, I do my best not to bitch and complain
So we goof around, I can tell her dumb jokes
But underneath it all, I've got a numb fear deep in my bones
Cause someone I love is so sick and so tired and weak
Wanna make her laugh cause things have been so goddamn fuckin' bleak
But I'm here to give her my love when and while I can
Cause I gotta go back to work like any other working man
Went out tonight and I got her [?]pizza
Anything I could do for my beloved friend Teresa
And I got her a brand new bag [?]
So fuck that, I went to the fuckin store and picked it up with my dad
I love you, love you, love you, love you Teresa
I'm really sorry I gotta, gotta leave you

I always knew you wanted [?]
When I close my eyes and you see [?]

And as I walk around the block you live on
It smells so much like our childhood
It smells so much like our old neighborhood
I remember when I first heard Led Zepplin's 'Tea For One'
Laying by my bedroom window [?]soakin' up the warm afternoon sun ray
And in those minutes, hours, I was totally content
And I'll take that memory to my grave as one of my happiest moments
And I remember you swimming at Turkeyfoot
Me and my dad were up in his fishing boat
Tossing our lines out onto the lake
With the minnow bucket hanging by a stringer off the edge of the boat
And I remember watching the bobbers waiting for a bass to take the bait
And I remember your big happy smile
While you were wading out there in the water
And that smile still graces your face
And the faces of your beautiful young daughters