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Sun Kil Moon

UK Blues 2

Oh England
Oh the gloom
I just left my horribly, lonely room
I walk to the church
Where I would play
That cold, gray August day

Before I went on
I knew you were there
But I put it on
Like I didn't care
Just played and sang
As well as I could
If we were to meet
Well then we would

When I saw your face
Yea, it was still
That one from those early Harmony films
There on that dark Manchester night
A riot began
But things felt alright
Off to a pub
With chatty young Brits
Listening to all of their horse shit
Glanced at your boots
The watch on your wrist
How do I pull you away?

Well you're staying down the street
Could I help you off of your sleepy feet?
Your eyes are far and glazy
Could I walk you back?
Don't be crazy

Crazy, crazy
Could I have this night
And sing you to sleep?
Crazy, crazy

Morning came
A note from the desk
Belfast? you asked
And I said yes
Ironed my shirt
And polished my shoes
But nothing would kill my UK blues
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UK blues
From the top of my head
To the heels of my shoes
UK blues
Inside my head
And inside my shoes

We met up on the main street of town
Played a half empty room full of clowns
When I was done some drunk Irish moon
Said worst night I've had since (only part I can't decipher)
Had some laughs
And signed autographs
Grabbed my pitiful handful of cash
The night was slipping off too soon
Tomorrow goodbye, sad Irish moon

We walked along
You slightly ahead
Till we landed on your big king bed
Our brains burned
Our bodies hurt
I like your stockings
And long leather skirt
I'm fading off
Could I stay the night?
Don't be crazy
It doesn't feel right
Come on, really?
Are you sure?
God, fuck this lonely tour
Walked back down those terrible halls
Past those dark chocolate brown walls
Looked up at the ceiling
Like old skin peeling

You never write
And you never call
I sometimes wonder
Will you at all?
Well time has passed
Doesn't phase me
Don't be crazy