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Therefore I Am

45 Miles

This could be a blessing in disguise.
And I know that you've tried to think that maybe we were put here for a reason.
Well I believe that you have to keep your head up-
And just move on into the dark
With his love burrowed deep in your heart.

Oh please don't fall asleep feeling like the only one left in the world who's alone.
'Cause you know that I am only forty-five miles away.
And I could be by your bedside in no time, singing you back to sleep.

So when I see you next time, sometime next week-
Take this as an invitation for you to believe that I'm trying my
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Hardest to keep that rhythm of yours, that joy of your life safe.
Oh I swear that man was reborn into a boy.
A boy with a smile so cute he could crack you up;
Even in the darkest room.

And when I call you on the phone don't say to me: 'Al, I'm feeling lonely.'
Jenna, just tell me to, just say: 'I want you to take that train tonight.'

Oh please Jen, don't leave me hanging on.
'Cause I know tonight I could be by your bedside singing you to sleep

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