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Since I was a kid I been dreamin dreamin
Woke up and I felt like achievin achievin
I never knew what was the reason
I just knew I had something to believe in believe in
You think you fuckin with me man you dreamin dreamin
Wake up and find yourself screamin screamin
Get back down where your league is
Bitch you now fuckin with a genius

You're a pipsqueak everything you spit's weak
I can see your future it's bleak up shit's creek
Sans paddle
Wave hello to your homies they on the bank makin a
Diarrhea sandcastle
Flip ya damn tassel
Back to the other side of your cap
You fail at rap
Nobody feelin that
Gimme the mic or I'm takin it back
Try to snatch it back again I'll kick you in the groin
If you live in Iowa I'll kick you in Des Moines
Flip a coin if its tails eat a dick
If it's heads eat that same dick plus eat a pile of shit
Speakin of coins, I rap circles around you
I am the exact opposite of nervous around you
Only purpose around you is to perfectly clown you
I think you should just go join up with the circus like
Clowns do you rat bastard
Raps a task that wax mastered
Shut the fuck I won't pass the last word
Got a homey who's a fat ass nerd
That'll crash your website after he hacks your password
You average... Run of the mill
You rhyme for days but ain't one of em ill
But if you were dying of AIDS I'd make fun of you still
But let me talk to the listeners enough about you
Before you play the album this what you gotta do
You gotta hit some more medical and pick up more edibles
And hit the liquor store and pick up six or more whatever
You choose and press play it couldn't
Get no more incredible
You gonna fuck with it like it was you genitals
I'm an extra terrestrial with an extra set of testicles
To make an effort that's respectable best eat your vegetables
If you still skeptical I will question you about ya dad was he
Did he beat you really bad as a child
Were you scarred by the switches?
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Big Wax drop shit hard on you bitches
Stomach in knots you wanna barf with the quick the quickness
Don't trust that fart you will shart in your britches
Can I get a witness testify heathens
Mix the tap water with extra dry Seagram's
I wish the best for my legions of people believin and
Dreamin of what they wanna be
I wish upon em prosperity
But I wouldn't recommend that they become an emcee
Them cyant fuck with me me drop too heavy
Like the diddaly diddaly diddaly diddaly d rip
Uh, hear me now
It's Big Wax always all up in your ear canal
I might be here in a year from now
So this year I'mma dream out loud
Mix the tap water with extra dry Seagram's

Dreamin dreamin
Dreamin dreamin
Nah, I gotta say one more thing to the fucking doubters

Motherfucker your bitch ass I will outperform
I will crush up your dreams into powdered form
And put the powder on your girls lower spine
Chop it up start blowin lines while I fuck the ho from behind
And realize that in that moment of time I'm blowin her mind and blowin your mind
We ain't similar kids
An example of two different species
You on the level of a sample of some pigeon feces
Y'all sweet like cinnamon apple or a twix or reeses
I am an individual who will smack you into bits and pieces
Sick since the fetus, bout to get rich quick and become a rich prick elitist
Boating in Ibiza with a frozen margarita
Got your ho in a bikini steady strokin' on my penis
Yelling at that bitch for dripping some lotion on my Adidas
Making her clean it but as she does she says
It's everything I dreamed it'd be
Come along and dream with me
Pay attention to the scenery
Dream with me, dream with me
Dun da dun da dun dreamin dreamin
Dreamin dreamin
Dreamin dreamin
Dreamin dreamin