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DJ Khaled( Khaled Mohamed Khaled )

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DJ Khaled( Khaled Mohamed Khaled )

Standing On The Mountain Top

Composer:A. McColister; K. Khaled; M. Ellizee

Pooh Bear:Standing on the mountain top
Countin all this Money
Laughin at you Haterz
Ain't Nothing Gonna Save you

Khaled: Yeah,
Welcome Back
Another small Buy
we global
Feel my pain
The internet cant deal with a nigga like me
Cus i keep it so hood, yeah i keep it so Street
The industry hate but they gotta see me
Turn your tvs on bet all u see is me
Nah i aint playing why you trying to blame me
Might as well hate the world instead of hating on me

Pooh Bear: And we taking over, One label at a time

Khaled: I need that clearence
feed me more
come and think about it you need it more
Uhh i am miami
i do this for miami,
24 and 7 trays
yeah nigga we born and raised
Joe Crack we showed them
Damn right I'm so conceited
I know it made you sick,
Guess what it made me rich
Shout out to all my DJ's
Projects I know you feel me
Thank God for rubber bands
Thanks for brown paper bags
Phantoms' our paper tags
This one's for all the fans

Pooh Bear: Standing on the mountain top
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Countin all this Money
Laughin at you Haterz
Ain't Nothing Gonna Save you

Khaled: I Introduce you to

Ace Hood: Ace Hood!

Khaled: Get Em.

Ace Hood: mo money mo problems
They Holla I get em I got em
I'm bout da Bugatti's
The beasts and I feasts of the bottom
Youngens they charge feeding heat from the teeth of the
Ain't stopping I'm Steady Moppin
Leave you inside of a coffin
Bitch I am Ace add the H to the Double O D
And When you Mention Greatness Bitch you better be
mentioning me
And when you say The best you definitely mentioning
we(the best)
They said I couldn't do it
Proovin dem Ludacris Niggas
Who doubted the music They influenced and movin through
I'm Times 3
Hit a fiend and its deeper than me
Call me Young Hov the way I change and I bang on the
My Album coming tell them pussies they stayin a sleep
Its G-U-T-T-A
I serve em as raw as the beef
My replication of this creature I mention its me
My Album Droppin see the Dead will be living through me
That means greatness is Biggie and Pac deceased