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Rumer (musician)( Sarah Joyce )

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Rumer (musician)( Sarah Joyce )

On My Way Home (Live)

Full of sorrow
I must have followed you here
Stood at the gates of heaven
I watched you disappear

Now I hear you say
It's time to walk away
But how can I when I don't know
My way home from here?

Out of nowhere
I'm on the side of the road
I must have cut my heart out
I must have sold my soul

As I turn my weary head
Towards the desert sky
As your last light faded from view
And I knew I was lost, I was

On my way, on my way
I was on my way, on my way

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When I was hiding from the storms
You heard me calling out, where were you?
With every demon on the road
You heard me crying out, where were you?

You know I've searched the stars
I don't know where you are

Oh, on my way, on my way
Oh, on my way, on my way

When I wake up I see a fire red sky
And I get down on my knees in praise and disbelief
Is this beauty laid before my eyes?
And it feels so strong and it feels so warm

Oh, my god, oh, my god
I am yours
Oh, my god, oh, my god
I am yours