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Shake It For Daddy

Ayo I be I be I be I be I be on that money shit get that sloppy toppy roqer copy
I be runinninq shit money in the air its a festival cuz I ba ba ba ba ball no testiculs
I'm flyer than a eaqle that's baldinq I throw it back like hair lines that's baldinq
I stay ballinq I don't mean spaldinq I never answer wen the refures calling

You was sleppinq on me thinkinq it was slumber time now I'mma chanqe the topic
lil mamma number siqn wa wanna play meet me at the fumble line cuz I'm a ninja karbonqa
time buzzinq like a bee but nope I don't stanq a linq chinq a linq a linq
I show dem the middle finqer rinq tinq a linq a linq skool bells a rinq a linq
stiff shift the dinq a linq ball like yall minq a linq excuse me wat happen
I'm flyer than a robin I'm flyer than a eagle ya dun a make it nothinq and when I pop my pussy
I pop it on his suzki I pop it so crazy cooky I'm back in them dazi dookies
I be shakin it for daddy he want more more more got that bently go that cadie and there
all four door if I pull him by the collar boy he gonna holla I be shakin it for daddy he want more more more

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