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John Butler

Grass Is Greener

Well, this is nice.
What was that?
Go banjo!
Go banjo, yes,
Go you banjo you...

I'm am an habitual smartass.
So... don't take anything personally.
Born on 'therpe fulls day',
Born out of wedlock.
Both my parents made their names, a butler.

I have all the exuses in the world to be... an ingratefoolish bastard
We really think you are!
whata now!
No... hum... yeah
This is a song hum... a little song about mental illness...
I feel a good number!

Haha. Caus that's what I do!
Yeah hum...
It's a... It is, it is, it's a, it is,
I don't know, i'm not too sure if it's been fully diagnosed.
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In society or in myself, I've diagnosed myself with it, it's called 'the grass is greener syndrom'
It's nerver enough, ever!

And it gets old and it gets boring and it gets... it's a little scary actually.
It's a little scary to, to, to wish for thing, and to hope for things and to pray for things and then to get them and to go: 'cool that if, if thei... if it was just that, if I can just get that, I'd have nothing to complain about.

You get it.
Well... maybe if I... Now that I got that, if I just could have one more thing.
And so it kinda keeps on going and it keeps on going and it, it's a...
Yeah it's kinda disturbing when you, when we... we're so lucky! We're so fortunate and yet we want more all the time. And I, I'm speaking for myself mainly, and you know...
If it goes too far, hoow fa... how far does it go?
You end looking like, you know, catwooman in front of an, hum, new edition magazine or something like that and...
It is, true? yeah?
And then you you get your one jetski, your two jetski.
Then you need the trailer for your jetski.
Then you need the Hummer for your jetski...
And after that you need the hovercraft for the Hummer and your jetskis...
And then, maybe, it might be enought.

So yeah it's a little song about that.
Maybe, all be content with the abondance that we have,
and the most simple things like our friends and our family and our health.

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