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St. Vincent( Anne Erin Clark )

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St. Vincent( Anne Erin Clark )

What Me Worry

Lyricist:Anne Erin Clark

What, me worry? I never do
I'm always amused and amusing you
Sans le fear of impending doom
Life is like banquet food, pleasure to peruse

Do I amuse you, dear?
Would you think me queer
If while standing beside you
I opted instead to disappear?

In no hurry I'll sing my tune
On my sky's the hue of a ruddy bruise
In my finest threads couture
I'll call up my favorite muse for a drink
Half, full or two

Have I abused you, dear?
You have had it to here
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You say, 'Love is just a blood match
To see who endures lash after lash
With panache'

In the spring, I dust off my lute
Stuff my suitcase full of blues
And I'll stir the dust underneath
The thrust of my clicking heels
C'est la vie

What, me worry? I never do
Life is one charming ruse
For us lucky few

Have I fooled you, dear?
The time, it's coming near
When I'll give you my hand and I'll say
It's been grand, but I'm out of here
I'm out of here