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De La Soul

Pop Life

play moves, lay moves like Pokemon
pokey with the soapy laundry
sip you like tea,
keep you right where i wanna be with it,
till you call, quit it, admitting my ways is acidic
burn through your defenses, the fences you put up
won't keep me out, i'm about to .... what up
understand there ain't nothing underhanded
i'm trying get the upper hand keep you undemanded
i mean undemanding like coming in for a landing
in layman's terms im here to earn your poetry
words passed your lips to be gripped by my ears
they hear how i good i granted, the trees planted
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pretty lady watch the way i deem it
stare into my eyes, watch the way i seen it
both having dirty thoughts, won't have to clean it
do it while a love song, play it like i mean it
we ain't exempt from the temp and atmospheres lit up like hemp and gasoline
Al Green in love and happiness
burn so pure the skin is sure to need the vaseline

*excludes dialogue throughout song

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