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Jay-Z( Shawn Corey Carter )


feat. Rick Ross

[Intro:Pimp C]
Little over a year ago I was in bondage
And now I'm back out here reaping the blessings
And getting the benefits that go along with it
Everything that's out here for kings like us
The reason why we like this this jewelry and this diamonds and stuff
They don't understand is because we really from Africa
And that's where all this stuff come from
And we originated from kings, you know what I'm saying
So don't look down on the youngsters
Because they wanna have shiny things
It's in our genes, know what I'm saying
We just don't all know our history so...

[Hook: Rick Ross]
Fuck with me, you know I got it
Fuck with me, you know I got it
Sexy bitch I hope she 'bout it
Come fuck with me, you know I got it

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I just landed in Europe, nigga
Shopping bags, I'm a tourist, nigga
Money talk I speak fluent, nigga
Reeboks on, I just do it, nigga
Look at me, I'm pure nigga
I bet the hoes on my tour, nigga
I don't bop, I do the money dance
My bitch whip cost a hundred grand
Red vert, tou see me slide
Sexy bitch I hope she 'bout it
Sexy bitch I know she 'bout it
Fuck with me, you know I got it


[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
Hov just landed in Rome, nigga
All hail, Caesar's home, niggas
Chin don, ciao bella
Come money dance with the good fellas
Hov keep gettin' that dinero, got it
Even if a nigga gotta Robert, get it?
Black Jack in casino
A nigga got unlimited credit
A nigga got a lot of vendettas
But we the Black mob, we gonna set it
Peel off in a Lamborghini Countach
200 in the dash we gonna rev it, skirt
Lucky Luciano is what that call me, paisano
A 100 keys at the piano plays across the Verrazano
El Padrino, in the villa in Venice sipping vino
Not bad for a mulliano, y'all know like we know, I got it


[Outro: Rick Ross]
I'm riding big coming down that beach
Geechy niggas with satin sheets
Bad bitch, she a masterpiece
Got a bad bitch, she a masterpiece

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