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Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore


Where do I go from here?
I'm feeling a little hollow
You got any old ideas
You're not using?
I'll bring 'em right back
I guess it should be unclear
No need to force tomorrow
Drowning in all we fear And maybe losing
The only way home
I'm scared of finding out that
Every body falls
And I can barely see the writing on my wall
But if I look at all
I'll be wearing shades
I hope you enjoy my film I want you to feel my sorrow

I try to be real sincere
In the movies
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And here's the ending…
I finally found it out
He was lying to us all
Right between the eyes
And everybody falls
But me I'm standing tall
''Cause I was wearing shades
In the square I sit with music
All alone
If I could use their words to show
I'd will the phone to ring
I wanna sing a love song
Make a face and maybe put my rock stars on
I'll see you at the show
And I'll be wearing shades