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David Ryan Adams (born November 5, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and poet. He is best known for his solo career, during which he has released sixteen albums, and as a former member of alternative country band Whiskeytown, with whom he recorded three studio albums.

In 2000, Adams left Whiskeytown and released his debut solo album, Heartbreaker, to critical acclaim. The album was nominated for the Shortlist Music Prize. The following year, his profile increased with the release of the UK certified-gold Gold, which included the hit single, 'New York, New York'. During this time, Adams worked on several unreleased albums, which were consolidated into a third solo release, Demolition (2002). Working at a prolific rate, Adams released the classic rock-influenced Rock N Roll (2003), after a planned album, Love Is Hell, was rejected by his label Lost Highway. As a compromise, Love Is Hell was released as two EPs and eventually released in its full-length state in 2004.

After breaking his wrist during a live performance, Adams took a short-lived break, and formed The Cardinals, a backing band that would accompany him on four of his next studio albums. In 2009, following the release of Cardinology (2009), Adams disbanded The Cardinals and announced an extended break from music due to complications from Ménière's disease. The following year, however, Adams resumed performing and released his Glyn Johns-produced thirteenth studio album, Ashes & Fire, in 2011. The album peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200. In September 2014, Adams released his fourteenth album, Ryan Adams, on his own PAX AM label, and formed a new backing band, The Shining, to support the release.

In 2015, Adams released 1989 a song-for-song cover of Taylor Swift's album of the same name, and worked on up to eighty songs for an album influenced by his divorce from his wife Mandy Moore. The release, Prisoner, was announced in late 2016.

In addition to his own material, Adams has also produced albums for Willie Nelson, Jesse Malin, Jenny Lewis, and Fall Out Boy, and has collaborated with Counting Crows, Weezer, Norah Jones, America, Minnie Driver, Cowboy Junkies, Leona Naess, Toots and the Maytals, Beth Orton and Krista Polvere. He has written Infinity Blues, a book of poems, and Hello Sunshine, a collection of poems and short stories.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Fuck The Rain 2019-01
1.Fuck The Rain
Prisoner 2017
1.Do You Still Love Me?
4.Haunted House
5.Shiver and Shake
6.To Be Without You
7.Anything I Say to You Now
9.Outbound Train
10.Broken Anyway
12.We Disappear
Willow Lane 2015
1.Willow Lane
2.Yes Or Run (Provided)
3.Red Hot Blues (Provided)
No Shadow 2015
1.No Shadow
2.It's in My Head (Provided)
3.Stoned Alone (Provided)
1.Damn, Sam (Provided)
2.Nobody s Girl (Provided)
3.On Broadway (Provided)
4.This Is Where We Meet In My Mind (Provided)
5.Avenues (Provided)
I Do Not Feel Like Being Good 2015
1.I Do Not Feel Like Being Good
2.How Much Light
3.In the Dark
Come Pick Me Up 2015
1.Come Pick Me Up (Alternate Take) (Provided)2.When The Rope Gets Tight (Provided)
Burn In The Night 2015
1.Burn In the Night (Provided)
2.Cop City (Provided)
3.Look In the Mirror (Provided)
Blue Light 2015
1.Blue Light
2.On My Life
3.I Lost My Fucking Mind
1989 2015
1.Welcome to New York
2.Blank Space
4.Out of the Woods
5.All You Had to Do Was Stay
6.Shake It Off
7.I Wish You Would
8.Bad Blood
9.Wildest Dreams
10.How You Get the Girl
11.This Love
12.I Know Places
Vampires 2014
1.Clown Asylum (Provided)
2.Vampires (Provided)
3.Suburbia (Provided)
4.Magic Flag (Provided)
Ryan Adams 2014
1.Gimme Something Good
4.Am I Safe (Provided)
5.My Wrecking Ball
6.Stay With Me
7.Shadows (Provided)
8.Feels Like Fire
9.I Just Might (Provided)
10.Tired of Giving Up
11.Let Go
Jacksonville: Paxam Singles Series, Vol. 2 2014
2.I Keep Running
Do You Laugh When You Lie 2014
1.Do You Laugh When You Lie (Provided)
2.By The Way (Provided)
3.I'm In Love With You (Provided)
1984 (7') 2014
1.When the Summer Ends (Provided)
2.What If You Were Wrong (Provided)
3.Over And Over (Provided)
4.Change Your Mind (Provided)
5.Broken Eyes (Provided)
6.Why Did They Leave You Alone (Provided)
7.Rats In The Wall
8.Bones And Ash (Provided)
9.Wolves (Provided)
10.Push It Away (Provided)
Demolition 2012
3.You Will Always Be the Same
5.Cry On Demand
6.Starting to Hurt
7.She Wants to Play Hearts
8.Tennessee Sucks
9.Dear Chicago
10.Gimme a Sign
12.Chin Up, Cheer Up
13.Jesus (Don't Touch My Baby)
14.New York, New York (Live)
15.To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) (Live)
17.Song for Keith
Ashes & Fire 2011
1.Dirty Rain
2.Ashes & Fire
3.Come Home
5.Do I Wait
6.Chains Of Love
7.Invisible Riverside
8.Save Me
10.Lucky Now
11.I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say
12.Petals In A Rainstorm
14.Star Sign
15.Til I Found You
Orion 2010
1.Signal Fade
2.Imminent Galactic Wa (Provided)
4.Fire Away
5.Defenders Of The Galaxy
6.Fire And Ice
7.By Force
8.Ghorgon, Master Of War (Provided)
10.Electro Snake (Provided)
11.Victims Of The Ice Brigade
12.2,000 Ships (Provided)
13.End Of Days
Easy Tiger 2007
1.Off Broadway
2.Goodnight Rose
3.Everybody Knows
4.The Sun Also Sets
5.Halloween Head
6.Two Hearts
7.Tears of Gold
8.These Girls
10.I Taught Myself How to Grow Old
11.Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
12.Rip Off
13.Pearls on a String
Cold Roses 2005
1.If I Am A Stranger
2.Life Is Beautiful
4.Sweet Illusions
5.Easy Plateau
6.Magnolia Mountain
7.Meadowlake Street
8.How Do You Keep Love Alive?
10.Dance All Night
11.When Will You Come Back Home?
12.Beautiful Sorta
13.Let It Ride
14.Now That You're Gone
15.Cold Roses
16.Cherry Lane
20.So Hot, So Cold
21.Operator, Operator
29 2005
2.Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part
4.Strawberry Wine
5.Night Birds
6.Blue Sky Blues
7.Carolina Rain
8.Starlite Diner
9.The Sadness
Love Is Hell 2004
3.Political Scientist
4.Afraid Not Scared
5.This House Is Not for Sale
6.Love Is Hell
7.World War 24
8.My Blue Manhattan
9.'City Rain, City Streets'
10.I See Monsters
11.English Girls Approximately
12.Thank You Louise
13.Hotel Chelsea Nights
15.Fuck The Universe
16.Please Do Not Let Me Go
17.The Shadowlands
19.Twice as Bad as Love
20.Father's Son
21.Gimme Sunshine
22.Black Clouds
Rock N Roll 2003
1.Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
2.This Is It
4.The Drugs Not Working
5.Do Miss America
6.She's Lost Total Control
8.So Alive
9.Rock 'n' Roll
11.Burning Photographs
13.Wish You Were Here
14.Note to Self: Don't Die
16.Funeral Marching
Gold 2001
1.New York, New York
3.Answering Bell
4.La Cienega Just Smiled
5.The Rescue Blues
6.Somehow, Someday
7.When the Stars Go Blue
8.Nobody Girl
9.Sylvia Plath
10.Enemy Fire
11.Gonna Make You Love Me
12.Wild Flowers
13.Harder Now That It's Over
14.Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues
15.Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.
16.Touch, Feel and Lose
17.Rosalie Come And Go
18.Cannonball Days
19.The Fools We Are As Men
20.Sweet Black Magic
21.The Bar Is a Beautiful Place
Heartbreaker 2000
1.To Be Young
2.Oh My Sweet Carolina
3.My Winding Wheel
4.In My Time of Need
6.To Be the One
7.Don't Ask for the Water
8.Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st)
9.'Damn, Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains)'
10.'To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)'
11.Shakedown On 9th Street
12.Bartering Lines
13.Come Pick Me Up
14.Call Me On Your Way Back Home
15.Why Do They Leave?
16.Goodbye Honey
Ten Songs from Carnegie Hall (Live)
1.Gimme Something Good (Live)
2.Nobody Girl (Live)
3.How Much Light (Live)
4.My Wrecking Ball (Live)
5.Kim (Live)
Strangers Almanac
1.Turn Around2.16 Days
Spotify Sessions (Live At The Village)
1.Gimme Something Good - Live At The Village
2.Stay With Me - Live At The Village
3.Shadows - Live At The Village
4.Fix It - Live At The Village
5.Am I Safe - Live At The Village
6.Wolves - Live At The Village
Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records
1.Like A Fool (Provided)
Prisoner B-Sides
1.Where Will You Run?
2.Stop Talking
3.Please Help Me
4.You Said
5.Crazy Now
6.Let It Burn
7.Hanging On To Hope
8.Stop You
9.Broken Things
10.What If We're Wrong
12.No Words
13.Are You Home?
15.The Empty Bed
Love is Hell part 1
Live After Deaf (Collection)
1.Invisible Riverside (Live in London 1 Bonus Track)
2.Dirty Rain (Live in London 1 Bonus Track)
3.If I Am a Stranger (Live in London 2 Bonus Track)
4.16 Days (Live in London 2 Bonus Track)
5.Friends (Live in Oslo)
1.Ultraviolet Light
2.Stop Playing With My Heart
3.Happy Birthday
6.Star Wars
7.My Favorite Song
Follow The Lights
1.Blue Hotel
2.Dear John
3.Down In A Hole
4.Follow The Lights
5.My Love For You Is Real
Faithless Street
1.Born Into A Light
2.Go Easy
3.Fix It
6.Let Us Down Easy
7.Crossed Out Name
8.Natural Ghost
9.Sink Ships
11.Like Yesterday
2.Peaceful Valley
3.If I'm A Stranger
4.Shakedown On 9th St
6.Don't Even Know Her Name
7.Rosalie Come & Go
8.What Sin
9.Sweet Lil Gal
10.The End
11.The Hardest Part
12.I'm Coming Over
13.Hard Way To Fall
14.Ah, Life
15.My Heart Is Broken
16.A Kiss Before I Go
17.Hey Parker, It's Christmas
18.Dear Candy
19.When the Rope Gets Tight (Outtake)
20.Let It Ride - Single Version
21.Dear John - feat. Norah Jones
22.Somebody Remembers the Rose
23.Sylvia Plath (live in Glasgow)
24.Sweet Lil' Gal (live in Manchester)
25.Carolina Rain (live in Manchester)
26.Save Me (live in Manchester)
27.Invisible Riverside (live in Brighton)
28.Strawberry Wine (live in Brighton)
29.Come Pick Me Up (live in Brighton)
30.Houses on the Hill (live in Brighton)
31.Desire (live in Manchester)
32.This House Is Not for Sale (live in Manchester)
33.Sweet Illusions (live in Glasgow)
34.My Winding Wheel (live in Glasgow)
35.Please Do Not Let Me Go (live in Glasgow)
36.Firecracker (live in Manchester)
37.If I Am a Stranger (live in Manchester)
38.Amy (live in Manchester)
39.Damn, Sam (I Love a Woman That Rains) (live in London 2)
40.Bartering Lines (live in London 1)
41.Ashes and Fire (live in London 2)
42.Let It Ride (live in Brighton)
43.The Rescue Blues (live in Brighton)
44.Stop (live in London 2)
45.English Girls Approximately (live in London 2)
46.In My Time of Need (live in London 1)
47.Don't Fail Me Now
48.Withering Heights
49.Do I Wait (live in Copenhagen)
50.Two (live in Amsterdam)
51.Dear Chicago (live in Glasgow)
52.I See Monsters (live in Oxford)
53.Oh My Sweet Carolina (live in Amsterdam)
54.Dancing With the Women at the Bar (live in Oslo)
55.Don't Fail Me Now (live in Oslo)
56.Call Me on Your Way Back Home (live in Stockholm)
57.Avenues (live in Cork)
58.Off Broadway (live in Porto)
59.Come Home (live in Malmo)
60.Lucky Now (live in Malmo)
61.Chains of Love (live in Malmo)
62.Star Sign (live in Malmo)
63.Cannonball Days (live in Malmo)
64.I Lost My F*****g Mind
65.Why Do They Leave (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
66.The Hardest Part (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
67.Black Sheets of Rain (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
68.Kim (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
69.Firecracker (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
70.Lucky Now (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 17, 2014)
71.Halloween (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 15, 2014)
72.Please Do Not Let Me Go (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 15, 2014)
73.This Is Where We Meet in My Mind (Live at Carnegie Hall; November 15, 2014)
74.When Pigs Fly
75.To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) [Live In Oxford] [Bonus Track]
76.Everybody Knows (Live In London)
77.Shining Through the Dark (live)
78.Dirty Rain (iTunes Session)
79.Lucky Now (iTunes Session)
80.Times Like These
81.Wasted Years
82.Shine Through The Dark
83.Wasted Years (From 'Californication Season 6')
84.Come Pick Me Up (4 Track version - Jacksonville, NC)
85.Red Lights
86.September (Live)
87.This Time
88.Touch, Feel & Lose
89.Lovesick Blues
91.Mara Lisa
92.Oh My Sweet Valentine
93.Back In Your Head
94.Baby I Love You

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