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Album name Release Date  Song    
When The Summer Ends(Remixes) 2018-12
1.When The Summer Ends(RAC Mix)
2.When The Summer Ends(Juicy Cola Remix)
3.When The Summer Ends(Element Remix)
4.When The Summer Ends(Le P Remix)
Acoustic EP 2017
2.Lovers Wake
3.Mountains (Love Won't Burn My Heart)
4.Savagaes (Provided)
Giants Remixes - EP 2016-06
The Love That Remains 2016
1.Crowded Streets
2.Other Worlds
3.Mountains (Love Won't Burn My Heart)
5.Devotion (Provided)
6.Heaven (Provided)
7.Beautiful Silence (Provided)
8.Night Song (Provided)
Our Nature 2013-06
2.Loveliest Creature
5.Anywhere You Go
6.Our Nature
8.At The Same Time
9.Empire of Light
10.Speed Bump
11.Wild Davie
12.Sea of Gold
The Adventures of Mr. Pumpernickel and the Girl with Animals in Her Throat 2010
1.We Are in the English Countryside (Provided)
2.Mr P, Professor of Thought (Provided)
3.In the Wooded Forest, a Girl (Provided)
4.Animals in My Throat Make Me Sing (Provided)
5.A Home, a House, a Hearth (Provided)
6.Les Grenouilles (Provided)
7.A Midnight Meeting, a Clockwork Greeting: the Turtle at the Door (Provided)
8.A Midnight Meeting, a Clockwork Greeting: the Girl from Before (Provided)
9.A Midnight Meeting, a Clockwork Greeting: the Three Headed Boar (Provided)
10.Gloria & the Scarlet Exit (Provided)
11....And Then It Snowed (Provided)
12.Seven Stars Surround the Moon (Provided)
1.Paradise Gold
2.The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau
3.The Garden
4.Bodies (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
5.Pop Goes The World (From the Tide Pods Commercial)
6.Dreamers (Body Language Mix)
7.Hold Me Now
8.Mountains (Love Won't Burn My Heart) (Acoustic)
9.Giants (Acoustic)
10.Sarah's Secret
11.Beating Hearts

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