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Keane are an English rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1995. The band currently comprises Tom Chaplin (lead vocals, electric/acoustic guitar), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano, synthesisers, bass guitar, backing vocals), Richard Hughes (drums, percussion, backing vocals), and Jesse Quin (bass guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, backing vocals). Their original line-up included founder and guitarist Dominic Scott, who left in 2001.

Keane achieved mainstream, international success with the release of their debut album, Hopes and Fears, in 2004. Topping the UK charts, the album won the 2005 Brit Award for Best British Album and was the second best-selling British album of 2004. Their second album, Under the Iron Sea, released in 2006, topped the UK album charts and debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200. Their third album, Perfect Symmetry, was released in October 2008.

In May 2008, both Hopes and Fears (number 13) and Under the Iron Sea (number 8) were voted by readers of Q magazine as among the best British albums ever, with Keane, The Beatles, Oasis and Radiohead, the only artists having two albums in the top 20. In 2009, Hopes and Fears was listed as the ninth best-selling album of the 2000s decade in the UK. Their EP, Night Train, was released in May 2010. Their fourth studio album, Strangeland, was released in May 2012, and again peaked at number one on the UK Albums Chart.

Keane are known for using a piano (or a synth) as the lead instrument instead of guitars, differentiating them from most other rock bands. The inclusion of a distorted piano effect in 2006 and various synthesisers were a common feature in their music which developed on the second and third albums. Keane have sold over 10 million records worldwide.


Current members

Tom Chaplin - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, organ, piano (1997-present)
Tim Rice-Oxley - piano, keyboards, synthesisers, electric guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals (1995-present)
Richard Hughes - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1995-present)
Jesse Quin - bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesisers, percussion, backing vocals (2007-2010, as additional member) (2011-present, as official member)

Former members

Dominic Scott - electric guitar, (1995-2001), lead vocals (1995-1997), backing vocals (1997-2001)
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Album name Release Date  Song    
The Way I Feel 2019-06
1.The Way I Feel
Tear Up This Town 2016-09
1.Tear Up This Town
The Best Of Keane - Deluxe Edition 2013-11
1.Everybody's Changing(改變)
2.Somewhere Only We Know(秘密基地)
3.Bend & Break(臣服)
5.This Is The Last Time(最後一次)
7.Is It Any Wonder ?(怎麼會)
8.Nothing In My Way(風雨無阻)
9.Hamburg Song(漢堡之歌)
10.Crystal Ball(水晶球)
11.A Bad Dream(惡夢)
12.Try Again(再試一次)
13.Spiralling(Radio Edit)(原地打轉)
14.Perfect Symmetry(完美對稱)
15.My Shadow(我的影子)
16.Silenced By The Night(沉默黑夜)
18.Sovereign Light Cafe(Radio Edit)(皇家燈塔咖啡廳)
19.Higher Than The Sun(Dan Grech's 2013 Mix)(壯志驕陽)
20.Won't Be Broken(Dan Grech's 2013 Mix)(堅毅不毀)
21.Snowed Under(下雪)
22.Walnut Tree(胡桃樹)
23.Fly To Me(飛向我)
24.To The End Of The Earth(地球末日)
25.The Way You Want It(Fierce Panda Single)(你要的方式)
26.Something In Me Was Dying(部份的我正在死去)
27.Allemande(Fierce Panda Single)(阿勒曼德)
28.Let It Slide(讓它滑行)
29.He Used To Be A Lovely Boy(過去那個可愛男孩)
30.Thin Air(稀薄空氣)
31.The Iron Sea(Magic Shop Version)(深海之音)
32.Maybe I Can Change(我該變了)
33.Time To Go(該走了)
34.Staring At The Ceiling(瞪著天花板)
36.Difficult Child(困難的孩子)
37.Sea Fog(Live At Arena Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico City / 2012)(海霧)
38.Russian Farmer's Song(蘇俄農夫之歌)
夢奇地(Strangeland) 2012-05
1.You Are Young(你還年輕)
2.Silenced By The Night(沉默黑夜)
4.Watch How You Go(眼前的路)
5.Sovereign Light Cafe(皇家燈塔咖啡廳)
6.On The Road(出發上路)
7.The Starting Line(起跑線)
8.Black Rain(黑色的雨)
9.Neon River(霓虹河)
10.Day Will Come(總會有一天)
11.In Your Own Time(時間在你手上)
12.Sea Fog(海霧)
14.Run With Me(跟著我逃跑)
15.The Boys(男孩們)
16.It's Not True(絕非如此)
Disconnected (Single) 2012
1.Disconnected (Single)
午夜快車(Night Train) 2010-05
1.House Lights(屋裡的燈光) (Provided)
2.Back In Time(回到過去)
3.Stop For A Minute - feat. K'naan(暫停一下- feat. K'naan )
4.Clear Skies(湛藍的天空)
5.Ishin Denshin(You've Got To Help Yourself) 心電感應(幫助你自己)
6.Your Love(你的愛)
7.Looking Back - feat. K'naan(回顧- feat. K'naan )
8.My Shadow(我的影子)
Perfect Symmetry(完美對稱) 2008-10
2.The Lovers Are Losing(輸了愛情)
3.Better Than This(更好)
4.You Havent Told Me Anything(什麼都沒說)
5.Perfect Symmetry(完美對稱)
6.You Dont See Me(視若無睹)
7.Again & Again(重複)
8.Playing Along(任人擺佈)
9.Pretend That Youre Alone(假裝孤單)
10.Black Burning Heart(痛心)
11.Love Is the End(愛情終點)
完美對稱(Perfect Symmetry) 2008-10
2.The Lovers Are Losing(輸了愛情)
3.Better Than This(更好)
4.You Haven't Told Me Anything(什麼都沒說)
5.Perfect Symmetry(完美對稱)
6.You Don't See Me(視若無睹)
7.Again & Again(重複)
8.Playing Along(任人擺佈)
9.Pretend That You're Alone(假裝孤單)
10.Black Burning Heart(痛心)
11.Love Is The End(愛情終點)
The Night Sky 2007-10
1.The Night Sky
2.Under Pressure
3.Put It Behind You (Frisco Mix)
Under The Iron Sea(深海之音) 2006-06
1.Atlantic 大西洋
2.Is It Any Wonder? 怎麼會?
3.Nothing In My Way 風雨無阻
4.Leaving So Soon? 要走了?
5.A Bad Dream 惡夢
6.Hamburg Song 漢堡之歌
7.Put It Behind You 忘了吧
8.Crystal Ball 水晶球
9.Try Again 再試一次
10.Broken Toy 舊玩具
11.The Frog Prince 青蛙王子
Hopes And Fears[希望與恐懼] 2004-05
1.Somewhere Only We Know
2.Bend And Break
3.We Might As Well Be Strangers
4.Everybody's Changing
5.Your Eyes Open
6.She Has No Time
7.Can't Stop Now
9.This Is The Last Time
10.On A Day Like Today
11.Untitled I
iTunes Festival: London 2010
1.Clear Skies
2.You Haven't Told Me Anything
3.Try Again (Live)
4.Try Again
5.You Don't See Me
6.Is It Any Wonder (Live)
7.Somewhere Only We Know (Live)
9.Love Is the End
10.This Is the Last Time
11.Everybody's Changing
12.Is It Any Wonder
13.Everybody's Changing (Live)
14.You Don't See Me (Live) (Provided)
15.Atlantic (Live)
16.You Haven't Told Me Anything (Live) (Provided)
17.My Shadow (Live)
18.Love Is the End (Live) (Provided)
19.Clear Skies (Live)
20.My Shadow
Try Again
1.Try Again
2.Nothing In My Way (Live from Duisburg, Germay)
3.Is It Any Wonder? (Live from Duisburg, Germay)
4.Everybody's Changing - Live from Duisburg, Germay
5.Somewhere Only We Know - Live from Duisburg, Germay
6.A Bad Dream - Live from Duisburg, Germay
7.The Frog Prince - Live from Duisburg, Germay
8.Try Again - Live from Duisburg, Germay
9.Nothing in My Way (live)
10.A Bad Dream (live)
11.Everybody's Changing (live)
12.Somewhere Only We Know (live)
The Theft of Octo
1.The Iron Sea Magic Shop
2.Untitled II
3.Thin Air
4.Let It Slide
5.With or Without You
6.On a Day Like Today
7.Maybe I Can Change
The Best of Keane
1.Walnut Tree
2.Crystal Ball
3.Hamburg Song
5.Silenced By the Night
7.Time to Go
8.He Used to Be a Lovely Boy
9.Fly to Me
11.A Bad Dream
12.Snowed Under
13.My Shadow
14.Maybe I Can Change
15.Thin Air
16.Let It Slide
18.Perfect Symmetry
19.The Way You Want It
20.Bend and Break
21.Something in Me Was Dying
22.Spiralling (Radio Edit)
23.Try Again
24.Somewhere Only We Know
25.Difficult Child
26.Higher Than the Sun
27.Sovereign Light Café (Radio Edit)
28.Russian Farmer's Song
29.Won't Be Broken
32.Nothing In My Way
33.Bend & Break
34.This Is the Last Time
35.Is It Any Wonder
36.Everybody's Changing
37.Is It Any Wonder?
38.Everybody's Changing
39.Sea Fog
40.Sea Fog (live)
2.Silenced By the Night (Acoustic)
3.The Starting Line (Acoustic)
4.Sovereign Light Café (Acoustic)
5.Disconnected (Acoustic)
6.Watch How You Go (Acoustic)
9.Sovereign Light Café
10.Sea Fog
11.In Your Own Time
12.Day Will Come
13.Run With Me
14.The Boys
15.You Are Young
16.Watch How You Go
17.On the Road
18.The Starting Line
19.Black Rain
20.Neon River
21.Silenced By the Night
Strangeland (Bonus Track Version)
1.Silenced By The Night - Live In Copenhagan (Spotify Exclusive)
2.Sea Fog
3.In Your Own Time
4.Day Will Come
5.Neon River
6.Black Rain
7.The Starting Line
8.On The Road
9.Sovereign Light Café
10.Watch How You Go
12.You Are Young
14.Sea Fog - Live In Copenhagan (Spotify Exclusive)
15.The Starting Line - Live In Copenhagan (Spotify Exclusive)
16.Sovereign Light Café - Live In Copenhagan (Spotify Exclusive)
17.Silenced By The Night
1.Bedshaped (live)
2.Somewhere Only We Know (live)
3.This Is the Last Time (live)
4.We Might as Well Be Strangers (live)
5.Everybody's Changing (live)
Retrospective EP2: Sunshine
1.Happy Soldier (demo)
2.This Is the Last Time (demo 2001)
3.Sunshine (live)
4.Maps (demo)
5.Walnut Tree (demo)
Retrospective EP1: Everybody's Changing
1.Everybody's Changing (demo)
2.Fly to Me (demo)
3.Into the Light (demo)
Perfect Symmetry
1.Again & Again (Demo)
2.Playing Along (Demo) (Provided)
3.Black Burning Heart (Demo) (Provided)
4.Love Is the End (Demo) (Provided)
5.Better Than This
6.Black Burning Heart
7.Perfect Symmetry
8.Playing Along
9.Pretend That You're Alone
10.Love Is the End
11.Perfect Symmetry (Demo) (Provided)
12.Better Than This (Demo)
13.The Lovers Are Losing (Demo) (Provided)
14.Pretend That You're Alone (Demo) (Provided)
15.You Haven't Told Me Anything
16.Again & Again
17.Spiralling (Demo)
18.You Haven't Told Me Anything (Demo) (Provided)
19.You Don't See Me (Demo) (Provided)
21.You Don't See Me
22.Time to Go
23.The Lovers Are Losing
Nothing In My Way
1.Thin Air
Music From The OC: Mix 2
1.Walnut Tree
Live at Brixton Academy
1.Snowed Under - Live at Brixton Academy, London
2.We Might As Well Be Strangers - Live At Brixton Academy, London
3.This Is The Last Time - Live At Brixton Academy, London
4.This Is The Last Time
5.Snowed Under
Live Recordings: European Tour 2008
1.You Don't See Me - Barcelona Razzmatazz - 9/11/08
2.You Haven't Told Me Anything
3.The Lovers Are Losing (Live - Oslo Sentrum, 3/11/08) (Provided)
4.Better Than This (Live - Madrid La Riviera, 11/11/08)
5.Again & Again (Live - Barcelona Razzmatazz, 9/11/08)
6.You Don't See Me (Live - Barcelona Razzmatazz, 9/11/08) (Provided)
7.Try Again (Acoustic) [Live - Koln Paladium, 6/11/08]
8.You Haven't Told Me Anything (Live - Madrid La Riviera, 11/11/08) (Provided)
9.Perfect Symmetry (Live - Copenhagen Valby Hall, 31/10/08) (Provided)
10.Spiralling (Live - Copenhagen Valby Hall, 31/10/08)
11.Love Is the End (Live - Rotterdam Ahoy, 28/10/08) (Provided)
12.Bend & Break (Acoustic) [Live - Stockholm Annex, 1/11/08]
13.This Is the Last Time
14.You Haven't Told Me Anything
15.Try Again - Acoustic - Koln Paladium - 6/11/08
16.Perfect Symmetry - Copenhagen Valby Hall - 31/10/08
17.Spiralling - Copenhagen Valby Hall- 31/10/08
18.Better Than This
19.Again and Again
20.You Don't See Me
21.Bend and Break (acoustic)
22.Perfect Symmetry
24.Love Is the End
25.Leaving So Soon?
26.The Lovers Are Losing
Little Broken Words
1.Dinner at Eight
2.The Way You Want It
3.Something in Me Was Dying
4.Snowed Under
6.Fly to Me
7.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (War Child)
8.The Happy Soldier
9.She Has No Time (earlier version)
10.She Open Her Eyes
11.Walnut Tree
Keane (Live)
1.Somewhere Only We Know (Live At the O2)
2.Is It Any Wonder? (Live At the O2)
3.A Bad Dream (Live At the O2)
Hopes and Fears
1.The Way You Want It - Fierce Panda Single
2.With Or Without You - Jo Whiley Show - BBC Session 24/11/2004
3.A Heart To Hold You - Jo Whiley Show - BBC Session 24/11/2004
4.Everybody's Changing - Original Demo Fierce Panda
5.Allemande - Fierce Panda Single
6.Somewhere Only We Know - Live at The Forum, London
7.We Might As Well Be Strangers - Live at ColumbiaFritz, Germany - 19/5/04
9.This Is the Last Time
10.Bend & Break
11.Your Eyes Open
12.We Might As Well Be Strangers (DJ Shadow Remix)
13.Can't Stop Now
14.On a Day Like Today
15.Snowed Under
16.Untitled 1
17.Somewhere Only We Know
18.Everybody's Changing (Demo Fierce Panda)
Early Songs
1.She Had No Time
2.The Way You Want It
3.Something in Me Was Dying
4.Snowed Under
5.She Opens Her Eyes
6.Fly to Me
8.Untitled 2
9.A Heart to Hold You
10.Closer Now
11.To the End of the Earth
12.Rubbernecking (Unusual Concoction mix)
13.Walnut Tree
Crystal Ball
1.Crystal Ball - Live from Duisburg, Germay
2.Atlantic - Live from Duisburg, Germay
3.Bend & Break - Live from Duisburg, Germay
4.Maybe I Can Change
5.Crystal Ball
1.Something in Me Was Dying
2.Everybody's Changing (Live Airwaves Festival, Reykjavic)
3.Somewhere Only We Know (Live at the Forum, London)
4.We Might As Well Be Strangers - Live at BNN
5.Bend & Break (Live at BNN)
6.This Is the Last Time
7.Can't Stop Now (Live at BNN)
8.Untitled 2
9.Bend and Break (live @ BNN That's Live)
10.This Is the Last Time (live @ BNN That's Live)
11.Bedshaped (live @ BNN That's Live)
A Bad Dream
1.She Sells Sanctuary
2.A Bad Dream (Luna-C Hardcore remix)
3.[data track]
4.Enjoy the Silence
19 Track Sampler
1.More Matey
2.This Is the Last Time
3.This Is the Last Time (BBC 6 Music live)
4.Bedshaped (BBC 6 Music live)
5.Somewhere Only We Know (BBC 6 Music live)
6.Bend and Break (BBC 6 Music live)
7.Everybody's Changing (BBC 6 Music live)
9.Can't Stop Now
10.The Way You Want It
11.Call Me What You Like
12.Wolf at the Door
13.She Has No Time (original version)
14.To the End of the Earth (original version)
15.New One
Miscellaneous 1
1.Nothing in Your Way
2.Is It Any Wonder? - Tall Paul Edit
3.Your Eyes Open (Mo Mental mix)
4.The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
5.Another One Bites the Dizzee
6.Sovereign Light Café (Afrojack vs. Keane)
7.Sovereign Light Cafe
8.Disco 2000
9.Is It Any Wonder? (Acoustic Version)
10.Silenced by the Night (Alesso remix)
11.Dirrtylicious (Live from BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge)
12.Early Winter
13.The Way You Want
14.Russian Farmer Song
15.Everybody's Changing - Live at N-Joy Radio
16.It's Not True
17.Under Pressure - Radio Edit
18.With Or Without You - Jo Whiley Show (BBC Live Session)
19.Allemende - BNN That's Live Session, Amsterdam 7/7/04
20.Crystal Ball - Live at ULU
21.Crystal Ball - Radio Session Version
22.Sea Fog (Live from Mexico City, 30th August 2012)
23.Somewhere Only We Know - iTunes Festival
24.Again And Again
25.Tear Up This Town (Orchestral Version) (From 'A Monster Calls')
26.Looking Back
27.Ishin Denshin (You've Got To Help Yourself)
28.Love Is The End
29.Lovers Are Losing
30.Time To Go
31.Stop For A Minute
32.Back In Time
33.House Lights (Provided)
34.Your Love
35.Something In Me Was Dying
36.Used To Be A Lovely Boy
37.Into The Light
39.Put It Behind You
40.Broken Toy
41.The Frog Prince
42.The Iron Sea (Provided)
43.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
44.To The End Of The Earth
46.Wolf At The Door
47.Keane - This Is The Last Time
48.Bend & Break [Live]
49.We Might As Well Be Strangers [Live]
1.Put It Behind You (Ffrisco Mix)
2.Spiralling (Live)
3.Dinner at 8
4.Somehwere Only We Know
5.This Is the Last Lime
6.Nothing In My Way (Live at ULU)

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